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Are you an avid Limoges collector, or looking to find the perfect gift for someone special? You’ve come to the right place. For more than fifteen years, we’ve been the premier destination for French porcelain Limoges boxes. Offering a large selection of the latest and the most artistic Limoges boxes that are produced in Limoges, France as well as a fantastic collection of vintage and one-of-a-kind Limoges boxes from Limoges, France that you will not find anywhere else.  We offer over 2,300 styles of hand-painted Limoges boxes by the top artists in Limoges. Whether you’re looking for a sought-after collectible or a luxury gift, it’s here and only here where you can find fan favorites and exclusive pieces.

You can also be reassured that every Limoges box sold at is 100% authentic and imported directly from Limoges, France. How can you tell? Each box is marked with the insignia of the manufacturing artist which includes the phrase "Peint Main" or "Peint à la Main" (meaning "Painted by Hand") as well as the designation "Limoges, France" which guarantees the origin of manufacture. We also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy with all of our boxes as we take pride in our entire inventory. Each Limoges box that we feature is a truly a piece of art that’s meant to be treasured and proudly displayed.

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Acorn with Oak Leaf  and Acorn Inside Limoges Box (Beauchamp)

Acorn with Oak Leaf and Acorn Inside Limoges Box (Beauchamp)

Product No.: 3230

Regular Price: $240.00

Special Price $189.00

Fall Harvest Pumpkin with Pumpkin Seeds Limoges Box (Beauchamp)

Fall Harvest Pumpkin with Pumpkin Seeds Limoges Box (Beauchamp)

Product No.: 7683

Regular Price: $250.00

Special Price $199.00

Kitty Cat Playing with Butterfly & Ladybug Limoges Box (Beauchamp)

Kitty Cat Playing with Butterfly & Ladybug Limoges Box (Beauchamp)

Product No.: 7629

Regular Price: $250.00

Special Price $199.00

US Passport with American Express Card Limoges Box (Beauchamp)

US Passport with American Express Card Limoges Box (Beauchamp)

Product No.: 7718

Regular Price: $260.00

Special Price $199.00

Colorful Pheasant in the Meadow Limoges Box (Beauchamp)

Colorful Pheasant in the Meadow Limoges Box (Beauchamp)

Product No.: 6202

Regular Price: $280.00

Special Price $219.00

Squirrel Among Autumn Leaves Limoges Box (Beauchamp)

Squirrel Among Autumn Leaves Limoges Box (Beauchamp)

Product No.: 7207-B

Regular Price: $280.00

Special Price $229.00

Black Cat in Trick Or Treat Bag Limoges Box (Beauchamp)

Black Cat in Trick Or Treat Bag Limoges Box (Beauchamp)

Product No.: 7706

Regular Price: $280.00

Special Price $239.00

Eiffel Tower Music & Fun Limoges Box (Beauchamp Exclusive)

Eiffel Tower Music & Fun Limoges Box (Beauchamp Exclusive)

Product No.: 7692

Regular Price: $300.00

Special Price $249.00

Native American Indian Chief Feather Headdress Hat Limoges Box (Beauchamp)

Native American Indian Chief Feather Headdress Hat Limoges Box (Beauchamp)

Product No.: 7216

Regular Price: $300.00

Special Price $259.00

Turkey In Roasting Pan Limoges Box (Beauchamp)

Turkey In Roasting Pan Limoges Box (Beauchamp)

Product No.: 7452

Regular Price: $300.00

Special Price $259.00

Mont St Michel with Landscape & Sheep Limoges Box (Beauchamp)

Mont St Michel with Landscape & Sheep Limoges Box (Beauchamp)

Product No.: 6751

Regular Price: $320.00

Special Price $279.00

Model T Truck with Fall Harvest Limoges Box (Beauchamp)

Model T Truck with Fall Harvest Limoges Box (Beauchamp)

Product No.: 5082

Regular Price: $400.00

Special Price $329.00


Miniature Masterpieces Suited for All

Coming in every shape, style, and theme imaginable, our Limoges boxes include both 24K gold embellishments and a hand-painted interior, all of which create a stunning masterpiece.

From Beauchamp Limoges to Artoria to Rochard to Chamart to many more, exploring our extensive collection means that you can find your favorites with just a quick search of our site. Plus, there are a few styles that are exclusive to us and are only sold by us, including our new line of Italian curio cabinets.

If you’re looking for a specific themed Limoges box,  it’s here where you can find classic Limoges boxesanimal-themed Limoges boxesfood and cuisine Limoges boxesart and culture-themed Limoges boxestravel Limoges boxes, Literature and Sports-themed Limoges boxes, and many more. Each of our collections will certainly charm whomever the receiver may be.

Additionally, we also have quite a collection of occasion-based Limoges boxes. Whether it’s for birthday, a new baby, wedding, anniversary, graduation, special holidays, or just to say "thank you" or "I love you", a Limoges box from will make a unique gift. We also haven’t forgotten about the holidays! From Christmas to Halloween to Thanksgiving and every holiday in between, Limoges Collector has the perfect box to add elegance and a small pop of flair to your holiday decorations.

Are you looking for a Limoges Box that’s been retired or hard to find? We’ve got you covered! Searching through our large and rare Retired Limoges boxes collection, you can find just what you’re looking for, including Limoges boxes from the Walt Disney collection.

Our shop is also constantly getting new inventory. For those of you looking for new styles, our newly-arrived Limoges boxes collection features the most recent designs and specially-commissioned pieces. Whatever collection you choose to buy your Limoges box from, these cute collectables will surely win your heart. In fact, we guarantee that we each visit, you’ll find at least two Limoges boxes that are “must-haves”!

A variety of Limoges boxes from

We Treat You Like Family (Because You Are)

One of the pillars of our company is guided around exceptional customer service and an excellent customer experience. With every purchase, our main priority is that you are 100% happy and satisfied. How do we make sure that happens? We’ve incorporated a few different policies.

First and foremost, we also offer a personalization service. This very popular service helps to make these beautiful gifts even more personal and memorable. Adding a heartfelt sentiment, short message, a name or date, will make any Limoges box much more touching. Adding this personalization is very easy to do. Simply click the button on the right-hand side of the product page. Performed in the same day (with no delay in shipping), one of our in-house artists will hand-inscribe your message. Complete with a cold-glazed, your message will forever be captured within your Limoges box. Interested in learning more? Visit our Personalization page to see examples and to start the process.

Do you need your Limoges box right away? We are pleased to offer same-day shipping (if ordered by 3 p.m. PST). We also offer overnight shipping in case you place your order later on in the night. All of our shipping prices also include insurance. Shipping right to the end receiver? We’ve got you covered! For a small fee, we provide a gift wrapping service. Using specialty gift wrapping for a variety of occasions, you can now send a memorable gift that has an impressive presentation.

Secondly, our team continuously updates our website to ensure browsing, purchases, and the entire online experience is quick, easy, and effortless. We’ve designed our product pages around a visual concept which includes multiple large images from different angles to provide you with the best possible visual representation of each Limoges box. Viewing our boxes online is almost the same as viewing them in person.

The third way in which we elude an excellent customer experience is by incorporating a Blog. Filled with a wealth of information including the history of Limoges boxes to how-to guides, our blog is one of our primary ways for us to share our knowledge and expertise. Where do our experts get this knowledge? By numerous trips to Limoges, France, visiting the various factories, and personal and professional relationships with working directly with top Limoges artisans. Are you a current customer? Potential new customer? Whichever it may be, our blog is a culmination of knowledge which has been perfectly crafted to help educate and inform you.

Lastly (and most importantly), our friendly-staff is here to serve you to the very best of their ability. Do you have a question that you need answered? Need to be directed to a product page? Need help in the check-out process? Please feel free to reach out to us. Our personal care and dedication that we give to every one of our customers is offered by phone (1-877-259-0111), email, and through our live chat system. The countess number of recurring customers is a true testament to our exceptional and friendly customer care. We look forward to having you become part of the Limoges Collector family.


Featured Brands

  • Beauchamp
  • Rochard
  • Artoria
  • Rare Limoges

One Million Reasons to Shop With Us


We Specialize in French Limoges Boxes

Do you admire or collect Limoges boxes?  We love them too!  That is why we bring you the largest selection of the very best, the most artistic and breathtakingly beautiful French Limoges box creations from Limoges, France to add to your collection.  Our fantastic selection of fine Limoges boxes includes over 2,400 styles of the latest creations by top artisans in Limoges, France which include many exclusive pieces, available ONLY at this website, and, of course, all your favorites.  At, you can find every style of Limoges box to your heart's delight. 

With two decades of serving international clientele,'s family of websites have offered the very best and top of the line brands of Limoges boxes that have captured the hearts of limitless number of collectors and enthusiasts who come back again and again for more.

Imported directly from Limoges, France, every Limoges box offered at is 100% authentic.  Exquisitely hand-painted with great detailing, each piece is a true work of art to be loved, cherished and proudly displayed as well as to be given as a gift that will impress any recipient.  No matter what the occasion or area of interest, you can find the perfect Limoges box at with every visit.


Variety of Styles

Limoges boxes come in every shape, style and theme imaginable and cater to every individual taste.  From the whimsical to the realistic, our extensive selection of French Limoges boxes provide you with spectacular eye-catching styles to match your specific taste.  Whether you like the classic style of Limoges boxes, or the latest novelties created by French artisans, you can find just the right Limoges box to add to your collection at

From the enchanting traditional and Classic Limoges boxes, to Dog Limoges boxes, Cat Limoges boxes and all Animal Limoges boxes for the pet lovers, Food and Cuisine Limoges boxes for your culinary collection, Baby Limoges boxes, Dance, Music and Art Limoges boxes, Travel Limoges boxes, Professional Limoges boxes, Books and Literature, Games and Sports Limoges boxes, and the list goes on and on, our Limoges collection has just the right Limoges box selection for you.


Miniature Masterpieces

Every Limoges box we offer is a true work of art at a miniature level.  Each box is crafted of fine French porcelain and meticulously hand-painted by master artisans in Limoges, France and hand-fitted with ornate metalwork.  Beautifully hand-painted with various colors, many Limoges boxes also include generous 24K Gold embellishments.  In addition to being hand-painted in the exterior, the majority of our Limoges boxes feature delightful hand-painting in the interior as well.  To add to their charm, many Limoges boxes have one or more tiny porcelain accessory pieces inside that can serve as a surprise when opening the box or to be displayed alongside the piece. 



For the ever increasing collectors and gift-buyers who are always on the lookout for new styles and attractive designs of Limoges boxes, we continuously add newly-arrived Limoges boxes to our website.  You can find the latest creations and specially-commissioned styles of Limoges boxes as well as a great number of retired and rare pieces, many of which are only one in stock.  That is why, we always recommend to purchase the Limoges box that really grabs your attention, because once gone, it may not be offered again.  We guarantee that with every visit, you will find one, two, three, and many more Limoges boxes that are absolute "Must-Haves"!


Give the Perfect Gift

When it comes to gift-giving, no matter what the occasion, a Limoges box makes a truly impressive, unique and unforgettable gift.  Whether it is for birthday, a new baby, wedding, anniversary, graduation, special holidays, or just to say "thank you" or "I love you", a theme-specific Limoges box from will make an outstanding gift with a "wow" factor for that special person.  You can find the perfect gift from a great selection of Birthday Limoges boxes which include hand-painted Cake Limoges boxes and Birthday Gift Limoges boxes for perfect gift-giving.  Bring joy to mom's heart with any of our Mother’s Day Limoges boxes, give the graduate just the right keepsake from our Graduation Limoges Boxes to be cherished always.  Honor dad on his special day with a fantastic Limoges gift from our Men and Father's Day Limoges boxes category.  Celebrate summer vacation with a stunning Limoges box from the Beach & Tropical Limoges box collection.  Our various categories make shopping for the perfect Limoges box easy and fun.


For Holidays & Special Occasions

Christmas is the most popular time of the year for gift-giving and the Christmas and Holiday Limoges Box collection at is the perfect place for everyone's stress-free one-stop gift shopping.  You can find Santa Claus Limoges boxes, Snowman Limoges boxes, Reindeers, Angels, Gingerbread House Limoges boxes, Candy Canes, Christmas Tree Limoges boxes, Nativity Limoges boxes, Wreaths, and everything Christmas to your heart's delight.

All your favorite Halloween characters are represented in our spooktacular Halloween Limoges Box collection.  From Black Cats, Ghosts and Witches, to Jack-o-Lanterns, Pumpkin Patches and Trick or Treat Bags, you can find all the fun and spooky Halloween boxes for your collection and/or bewitching gifts.  Choose any of our colorful Autumn and Thanksgiving Limoges boxes to celebrate the change of seasons.

Find an impressive selection of Easter and Spring Limoges boxes in our Easter Limoges Box section to welcome spring.  Beautifully hand-painted Easter Basket Limoges boxes, Easter Egg Cartons, Easter Bunny Limoges boxes, Carrots and Spring Flowers Limoges boxes are just a few beautiful pieces you can find at our website, just waiting to be added to your collection.

Travel the World

Travel memento Limoges boxes are an absolute favorite with Limoges collectors and travel enthusiasts.  Limoges boxes make the perfect keepsakes for places that hold significance or places you have traveled to, whether near or far.  For those of you who love Paris and the Parisian theme, you can choose from a great selection of Eiffel Tower Limoges boxes, as well as all other famous Paris landmarks such as the Louvre Museum, Notre Dame and Sacre Coeur Cathedrals, Paris Opera and the Arc de Triomphe.  Our travel-themed collection offers many beautiful and memorable Limoges boxes for France, England, Italy, Greece, Spain, China, Japan, and so much more.  Visit our Travel Limoges boxes section to find many more fantastic pieces to add to your collection.


We Personalize

Any Limoges box with a personalized inscription inside will make a truly unforgettable gift.  You can add a heartfelt sentiment, short message, or just a name or date to make any Limoges box gift much more memorable.  When making a Limoges purchase, personalization can be easily added with a click of a button right on the product page.  Beautifully hand-inscribed and cold-glazed by an artist in-house, the personalization is performed the same day as purchase with no delay.   Make your Limoges gift extra special with your own sentiments inside.  For examples of our personalized Limoges boxes, visit our Personalization page.

Top Limoges Brands

All your favorite luxury brands of French Limoges boxes are brought together in one place at  You can find your favorite styles offered by the prestigious Beauchamp Limoges, Artoria, Rochard, Chamart and more, as well as retired marks such as Chanille and PV.  Our extensive selection also includes a great variety of Limoges boxes produced by independent Limoges artists.  For those who seek unusual and exclusive styles of Limoges boxes, you will find a large selection of Retired Limoges boxes, hard-to-find and rare Limoges boxes as well as exclusive Limoges boxes found only on this website!


100% Authenticity Guarantee

When it comes to purchasing a collectible luxury French Limoges box, a well-respected and trustworthy source is of the highest importance. fulfills these all-important attributes.  As direct importers and retailers of the highest quality French Limoges boxes for the past two decades, we provide our customers with the very best and the most artistic Limoges boxes from Limoges, France.  All of our Limoges boxes are made entirely in Limoges, France and are hand-crafted and hand-painted by top Limoges artisans.  Every Limoges box offered is fully marked with the insignia of the manufacturing artist which includes the phrase "Peint Main" or "Peint à la Main" (meaning "Painted by Hand") as well as the designation "Limoges, France" as the guarantee of the origin of manufacture.  Every Limoges box we sell is backed by 100% satisfaction guarantee and assurance of complete confidence when purchasing online.

For more information on authentic Limoges boxes, see Authenticity Guarantee and Authentic Limoges Boxes – Why You Should Buy Them From A Trusted Dealer.


Exceptional Customer Service

Your happiness and satisfaction with every purchase is a top priority for us.  We want your online purchases to be a very easy and pleasant experience.  That is why we continuously make updates to our website to make browsing and checkout quick, easy and effortless.  Each of our product pages contains multiple large images from different angles to provide the best possible visual representation of the Limoges box you purchase.  To answer any questions or to assist with your purchasing decisions in selecting that special gift, you can reach us via our toll-free telephone number 877-259-0111 or by chat.  If you prefer to place your order by phone, we are always happy to quickly process your order over the phone.  The countess number of customers who come back time after time is a true testament to our exceptional and friendly customer care.


Valuation & Appraisal

As retailers of French Limoges boxes, we regret that our website does not offer any valuation or appraisal services.  However, in order to assist the visitors and those who contact us about pricing information on the pieces they own, we have created an informative blog post on the topic of Limoges box values.  Please see How to Know The Value Of A Limoges Box.    Any further information is beyond the scope of this website.

Informative Blog Posts

Are you a Limoges enthusiast and/or collectors who wants to know more about Limoges boxes?  You can find a wealth of information in our informative Blog posts.  From the history of Limoges boxes to how-to tips and suggestions, our Blog posts offer great information on a variety of topics related to the the history of collecting Limoges boxes as well as tips and other valuable information.  Through our blog posts, we share our knowledge and expertise in Limoges porcelain boxes which comes from our numerous travels to Limoges, France, visiting various factories, and personally knowing and working directly with the top Limoges artisans and workshops for the past two decades.  Our blog posts provide a great medium in sharing our knowledge, expertise and authoritative recommendations and tips with our customers and potential customers.  For those of you who are new to collecting Limoges boxes, you can find all the basics and much more in What Is A Limoges Box?  Want to know more about Limoges authenticity and marks?  Check out Authentic Limoges Boxes – Why You Should Buy Them From A Trusted Dealer.  Visit our All About Limoges Blog section for periodic new posts and topics.


Italian Gold-Leaf Curio Display Cabinets

Enhance your home décor and proudly display your treasured Limoges boxes and other collectibles in our elegant wall-mount or table top Italian Vitrine Curio Display Cabinets.  Hand-crafted by Italian craftsmen in the tradition of old, each cabinet adds charm and elegance to every room.  Made of fine woods with mirrored backs and beveled glass doors, each cabinet is a work of art in itself.