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5 Personalized Graduation Gifts Your Grad Will Love!

5 Personalized Graduation Gifts Your Grad Will Love!
By Vida Cunningham May 10, 2018 No comments

Graduation is a special time in a young person’s life. While one chapter of their life is coming to a close, an exciting new one is about to begin. The moment is scary, thrilling, and ripe with opportunity ... A personalized gift is the perfect way to commemorate that snapshot in time where anything is possible and adventure awaits....

Whether your grad is graduating from elementary school, high school, college or university, or from a specialty school, our lineup of Graduation Limoges boxes provides the perfect graduation gift that will be a truly memorable one. Is your graduate ready to enter a profession in business, teaching, law, nursing, medicine or dentistry? You can find the perfect gift for your special graduate from our extensive selection of professional Limoges boxes that celebrates the professional path they have chosen.

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To honor your graduating senior, we suggest something every bit as exquisite as they are—one of our graduation-themed Limoges boxes, handcrafted by master artisans in the Limoges region of France.

4 Reasons a Limoges Box is
the Perfect Gift for a New Grad

There are so many reasons your favorite high school or college senior will LOVE a Limoges box that we struggled to narrow this list down to four! Finally we did, and here are our top reasons:

1. A Limoges Box Lasts for a Lifetime.

These miniature collectibles will outlast any other gift you can think of—flowers, gift cards, and of course, cash. While those will be over and forgotten about in a few short months, a Limoges box is a beautiful display piece that will delight your grad for decades to come.

2. Limoges Boxes Are the Ultimate in Personalized Gifts.

Virtually all of our Limoges boxes can be personalized. For a super-special gift, add the date or a sweet sentiment to your grad’s Limoges box.

Our artist will then hand-write the inscription onto the porcelain trinket box using special ink, before cold-glazing it so the message lasts a lifetime. What a perfect way to let your grad know just how much they mean to you!

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3. High-Quality Limoges Boxes Increase in Value.

At, we carry only the finest, 100% authentic Limoges porcelain boxes. These boxes are created for us exclusively by master artisans in Limoges, France under the Beauchamp brand, and each bears the artist’s insignia.

Some Limoges boxes are quite rare and can double, triple or even quadruple in value from one year to the next. By giving your graduate a personalized Limoges box, you’re making an investment in their bright future!

4. Your Grad Will Cherish their First Real Piece of Fine Art.

Most grads have to spend years toiling away in the workforce before they can afford to acquire fine art. That’s why the gift of a Limoges Box is so special. For many grads, it will be the very first fine art piece they ever own, making it a gift that is so much more meaningful.

5 of Our Favorite Limoges Boxes for Grads

To help you select a great gift for your grad, check out some of our favorite graduation-themed Limoges Boxes.

1. For Any Grad

We absolutely love this charming graduation cap Limoges box with the gold tassel. It’s the perfect miniature trinket box for your grad to display on their desk at their upcoming office job.

Graduation Cap with Diploma Limoges Box by Beauchamp |

In particular, we especially adore the handshake clasp. This ornate antique brass metalwork is painstakingly handcrafted and soldered by a French artisan.

As wonderful as we find the tassel and handshake clasp, our favorite thing about this Limoges box is the hidden trinket within. Just open the box, and inside you’ll find a removable porcelain diploma, rolled up in a bright red ribbon.

2. For the Laptop-Loving Grad

If your grad can’t be separated from their laptop for long, this laptop-shaped Limoges box makes the perfect gift. The silver-finish laptop can be displayed open or closed, for the ultimate in compact. When open, it shows a search engine page, making it a great gift for the grad who spent a lot of time buried in research to earn that diploma or degree!

Laptop Limoges box by Beauchamp |

3. For the Grad Who Wants to Rule the World

Does your grad have their sights set on taking over the world? Is their dream to climb the corporate ladder until they’re finally earning the big bucks? If so, why not show them you support their vision by giving them a Limoges box featuring a stack of $20 bills?

What a great way to say you’re going to be “in the money” soon! This beautiful and highly-detailed Limoges porcelain box opens up to display a hand-painted “$” sign inside. Nice!

Stack of $20 Bills Limoges Box by Beauchamp |

4. For the Grad Who Hit the Books Hard

This Limoges box makes the perfect gift for the grad who often stayed up late, burning the midnight oil while attending to their studies. It’s a beautifully designed open book with a graduation cap perched on top--perfect for representing all those late nights spent pouring over textbooks.

On the reverse side, this Limoges porcelain box features a graduation book, inscribed with a graduation cap and the phrase, “Remember a moment in time.” But the best is yet to come…open the Limoges box up and inside, you’ll find a rolled-up diploma wrapped in a red ribbon. The interior also makes a great place to add a special, personalized message to your grad.

Open Graduation Book with Cap and Diploma Limoges Box |

5. For the Grad Who Appreciates the Classics

This Limoges keepsake box has a beautiful, feminine touch. The top of the Limoges box has the inscription, “Congratulations on your Achievement,” hand-painted on a scroll. It’s surrounded by a cap, rolled-up diploma, and pretty pink roses. The 24K gold embellishments make it look especially elegant.

Open this petite Limoges porcelain box up, and you’ll find that the interior is covered with charming little gold dots. You’ll also discover that it contains a miniature trinket--a removable porcelain graduation cap. Add a personalized message to make it extra-special, and your grad will love this delicate fine art collectible.

Classic Limoges Graduation Box with Graduation Cap by Beauchamp |

We’ve reached the end of our favorite Limoges boxes for grads. However, we have plenty more personalized gifts for you to choose from. You can view all of our graduation Limoges boxes here.

If you’d rather choose a gift for your grad that’s related to one of their special hobbies or interests, you’ve come to the right place! We carry thousands of Limoges boxes in dozens of different categories. If you can dream it, we probably have it!

Click here to view our full line of Limoges Boxes and choose the perfect gift for your grad!

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