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7 Coffee-Themed Limoges Boxes for Anyone Who Craves Caffeine

7 Coffee-Themed Limoges Boxes for Anyone Who Craves Caffeine
By Vida Cunningham May 17, 2018 No comments

Do you feel crabby before you get your daily jolt of java? Are coffee cravings routine for you? Or do you have a java junkie in the family--someone who lives and breathes for their French Roast? If so, we’ve got the perfect personalized gifts for that special someone.

What Makes Limoges Boxes So Unique?

Each Limoges coffee box is painstakingly handcrafted in the Limoges region of France. These 100% authentic miniature trinkets take weeks to create, making them true collectibles. And because each Limoges box is part of a limited edition, the boxes do tend to appreciate. In fact, some Limoges boxes can double, triple, or even quadruple in value from one year to the next.

French Cafe Coffee and Croissant Breakfast Limoges Box |

Celebrate your love of coffee, desserts and fine cuisine with our fantastic selection of culinary and food Limoges boxes. Each hand-painted French Limoges box in our collection represents delicious and scrumptious masterpiece waiting to be added to your collection.

Why Is a Limoges Box a Great Gift?

These beautiful Limoges boxes aren’t just an investment in fine art, they also make the ultimate personalized gifts . Virtually every Limoges box we carry can be inscribed with a special message or date. Our in-house artist writes the inscription by hand the day you order it, so you can get your personalized gift fast.

Bottom line? Not only does a coffee Limoges box make for a unique personalized gift, these elegant collectibles will also bring lots of joy to you or your favorite java fiend!

So, if there’s a special coffee lover in your life with a graduation, shower, birthday, wedding, retirement, or anniversary coming up—or you want to surprise someone with a thoughtful “just because” gift--nothing says “I love you a latte” like a Limoges coffee box.

A Look at Some of Our Favorite Limoges Coffee Boxes…

To help you choose the perfect personalized coffee Limoges box for you or that special someone, check out 7 of our all-time favorite Limoges coffee boxes!

1. For the Espresso Enthusiast

Sigh. Sometimes it can be so hard to pick our favorite Limoges porcelain boxes. We have so many adorable collectibles that we struggle to pick just a few. However, this one is definitely at the top of our list!

This miniature yellow Limoges coffee box features an espresso and cappuccino maker. Open the charming “coffee maker” up and inside, you’ll find a hand-painted stick of butter and a few slices of toast. Talk about tantalizing—we think this Limoges box is the next best thing since sliced bread! Perfect for your pal who likes something a bit more refined than drip roast!

Espresso Coffee Machine Limoges Box |

2. For the Starbucks Fan

Do you love Starbucks? If so, then you definitely don’t want to miss this super-charming Starbucks coffee pot. It’s hand-painted and features the green and white colors associated with the famous Seattle coffee chain, as well as its mermaid logo.

Not only is this Limoges box super-cute, but it’s a retired item. Because this Limoges coffee box is no longer being created, there’s limited availability. If you want to espresso your love for Starbucks, this makes the perfect collectible to prominently display in your home or to give to your favorite Starbucks fan. But don’t wait—we have limited quantities of this one and don’t expect it to last for long!

Starbucks Coffee Pot Limoges Box |

3. For the French Roast Fan

Is French Roast more your bag? If so, this Limoges boxes will give you a jolt! Behold the cutest miniature Limoges box you’ve ever seen—this eye-catching green bag of French Roast, features intricate metalwork and an innate spoon clasp—how clever! The 3 porcelain coffee beans that accompany the French Roast coffee bag add to the charm of the Limoges box, making it an elegant display item guests are sure to ooh and ahh over.

Bag of French Roast Coffee Beans Limoges Box |

4. For the Coffee Lover Who Likes It with a Spoonful of Sugar

Precious in its simplicity, we think this Limoges coffee box is just divine. It’s a cup and saucer, featuring a full cup of black coffee. Coffee beans are hand-painted on the box, and the word “café” is featured on its side, giving this Limoges porcelain box a touch of Parisian elegance.

But what makes this piece truly delightful is the heavy 24K gold embellishments. The cup and saucer have these embellishments around the rim, perfectly complementing the gold spoon. When you lift the saucer up, you’ll find 2 sugar cubes painted on the inside. Yum!!!

Coffee Cup & Saucer Limoges Box by Beauchamp |

5. For the Person Who Prefers a Nice Cup of Tea to Coffee

We haven’t forgotten about tea lovers! The Beauchamp Limoges brand —which is exclusive to our store—features a number of beautiful Limoges boxes for the special tea lover in your life. This chrome whistling tea kettle Limoges box is just one of them.

Although this Limoges box makes a strong impact on any home interior, it’s actually quite petite. Measuring just 1.5 inches in diameter, we guess it’s true what they say—the best things really do come in small packages.

This beautiful chrome tea kettle features an ornate clasp. Just lift it up and inside, you’ll find a hand-painted picture of boiling water. We guess you could say this Limoges box is hot stuff!

Whistling Tea Kettle Limoges Box |

6. For the Person Who Wants their Coffee FRESH

Nothing says fresh like buying whole coffee beans and actually grinding them yourself. For the person in your life who’s super-fond of her coffee grinder, this fantastic Rochard Limoges box makes an ideal gift.

This coffee Limoges box is a representation of an actual old-world wooden grinder. We love the striking metal clasp, and the hand-painted coffee beans inside the box.

Coffee Grinder Limoges box by Rochard |

7. For the Traditionalist

This floral Victorian coffee pot has a pretty touch of pink for a feminine and elegant look. We especially love the generous 24K gold embellishing and the box’s rich variation of colors.

We’re also fond of the ornate flower clasp. We feel it gives this Limoges box that extra-special something. This Victorian coffee pot makes the perfect gift item for those who like to decorate in a more traditional style.

Victorian Floral Coffee Pot Limoges Box |

Well, we’ve reached the end of our 7 favorite Limoges coffee boxes, but we do offer many more Limoges boxes than we could display in this blog post. You can browse our entire collection of coffee Limoges boxes here.

If coffee isn’t your thing, we’re confident that with over 2,000 Limoges boxes to choose from, we do have one that’s your thing. You can view our entire collection of Limoges boxes here.

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