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7 Reasons Why Limoges Boxes Are the Collectibles of Choice in 2019

7 Reasons Why Limoges Boxes Are the Collectibles of Choice in 2019
By Vida Cunningham January 16, 2019 No comments

Beauty, elegance, charm and masterful artistry are among the many words that describe a French Limoges box.

Collecting Limoges boxes has been a favorite pastime for the better part of the 20 th century as well as the 21st century. Unlike some other collectibles that are somewhat trendy and may fall out-of-fashion after a time, Limoges boxes continue strong in 2019 to see a great increase in their appeal among collectors and gift shoppers.

Why people Collect Limoges Boxes?

My friend, Jamie Anderson, began collecting Limoges boxes over 20 years ago after she received a beautiful Limoges birthday cake as a present. As she learned more about Limoges porcelain boxes, the artistry and how laboriously each one is crafted, she has been adding to her collection year after year.

Another good friend, Ellen Fleming, purchased her first Limoges box when on vacation with her family in France. The beauty of Limoges boxes truly captured her heart and she now has grown her collection to over 60 boxes. That first Limoges box continues to bring back the fond memories of the special trip she took to Paris with her family.

Collecting is a joyous act. Those who collect Limoges boxes are rarely motivated by their monetary value but by emotions, love and the enjoyment of their beauty. Collecting these beautiful objects is not only based on how they enhance the beauty and elegance of one’s home decor, but also help the collector relive special memories and connect to times and experiences they cherish. And, there is always a great deal of happiness that comes from adding a new find to the collection as well as the excitement of the hunt.

Fashion Limoges boxes are the perfect collectibles for the fashionista in you |
Collecting Fashion Limoges Boxes will celebrate the "Fashionista" in you!

Another benefit that comes from collecting Limoges boxes, is the fact that friends and relatives know what to get you for special occasions. As choosing the right gift for our loved ones is becoming more difficult, your friends and relatives will know a new Limoges box is what you will love to add to your collection. Isn’t that the nicest gift when your loved ones can say, “I saw this and thought of you.”

What makes Limoges boxes so collectible?

1. Limoges Boxes represent various areas of interest

The wonderful thing about Limoges boxes is that they come in every shape and form imaginable. Any subject matter or area of interest you can think of, is likely to be represented by the perfect Limoges box. If Travel sparks your interest, you can find a vast selection of Limoges styles, from famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Wall of China or the Vatican, to various objects that connect you to your love of travel, such as a US Passport. Luggage or a camera. For special occasions such as a birthday, anniversary, a new baby, graduation and so much more, a Limoges box makes the perfect keepsake. Other hobbies such as gardening, cooking, sports, art, literature and music are among the many topics that provide many collectible Limoges boxes to add to your collection. Your favorite dogs, cats and birds, among other numerous animals are also created in beautiful Limoges styles for your enjoyment.

Collect Limoges Boxes by Themes such as Travel Limoges Boxes |

A collection of Parish-themed Limoges boxes will celebrate your love of all things French or that special trip you took to Paris.

2. Limoges boxes memorialize special events in your life

Every time you look at your Limoges boxes, they bring back special and cherished memories. If it was a vacation or special trip, the Limoges box will instantly transfer your mind to the happy time you spent. If it is a special achievement or a milestone you celebrated, the Limoges box is the perfect medium to capture those great memories.

3. Limoges boxes add beauty and spark to your home décor

Unlike some collectibles that must be kept under lock and key, Limoges boxes are exquisite art pieces you can proudly display for all to enjoy. They add charm and elegance to the décor of every room in your home. They are eye-catching and are sure to bring lots of ahhs and oohs from anyone who visits your home.

4. Limoges boxes are unique

Every French Limoges box is crafted by hand from start to finish, so no two are exactly alike. As each Limoges box is individually hand-painted by an artist, it is given slightly different coloring and brush-strokes. As a result, each Limoges box is finished as a unique art piece with its own unique characteristics.

All Limoges boxes are made in limited editions. Many are made in very small quantities. This makes each collectible Limoges box quite unique and a valuable work of art.

5. Limoges Boxes are small – so making a collection is easy

Unlike some collectibles that are larger in size and need special cabinetry or display cases to showcase properly, Limoges boxes are small in size and can be displayed in various settings. They add color and spark to a side table, over the fireplace mantel, grouped with other objects on a piano or displayed in curio cabinets and shelving in any room.

You can use your imagination in showcasing your Limoges boxes in a variety of ways. They can be displayed alone or grouped together with other Limoges boxes or with other similar objects. You can organize your Limoges box collection around a theme by displaying them in groupings such as travel mementos, art and paintings, or dogs and cats, to mention a few. You can also arrange them by color or mix and match with other matching objects.

Display your Limoges boxes in groups such as Food Limoges boxes |

Another great aspect of Limoges boxes is that they will refresh your home’s décor with seasonal themes. Display your Candy Limoges boxes, Cherubs and Heart Limoges boxes for Valentine’s Day, Bunny Rabbits, Eggs and Easter Basket Limoges boxes for Easter, Patriotic Limoges boxes for the 4 th of July, and Squirrels, Turkeys and Pumpkin Limoges boxes for Fall décor. Ghosts, Jack-o-lanterns and Witch Limoges boxes are perfect for your Halloween décor. And, for Christmas, your collection of Nativity Limoges boxes, Santa Limoges boxes, Snowman Limoges boxes and Christmas Tree Limoges boxes will make your Holiday décor so much more special and meaningful.

Decorate your home for Christmas with Christmas Limoges boxes |

Decorate your home for the Holidays with beautiful and eye-catching Christmas-themed Limoges boxes.

6. Limoges Boxes are timeless

One of the many great attributes of Limoges boxes is that they are timeless and appeal to all ages. These wonderful miniature art pieces celebrate the arrival of a newborn baby, childhood memories and various special events throughout life. Whether the Limoges box is intended for the age of 1 or 100, they bring out the inner child in all of us with their beauty and charm.

Collecting Limoges boxes comes with the peace of mind that they will not fall out of fashion and will make wonderful heirlooms to pass on to the next generation.

7. Limoges Boxes appreciate in value

Even though value may not be the main reason for collecting Limoges boxes, it is important to know that not only Limoges boxes hold their value, but are proven to increase in value as well. As unique art forms crafted by master artists in Limoges, France, Limoges boxes have enjoyed a great increase in value in recent decades. Some styles of special edition Limoges boxes such as Disney Limoges boxes, Coca Cola Limoges boxes, and many others, have seen double, triple or even quadruple increases in value over time.

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