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7 Reasons You Should Collect Travel Mementos

7 Reasons You Should Collect Travel Mementos
By Vida Cunningham May 26, 2018 No comments

Now that summer’s on its way, chances are good that you have a special trip planned. Bon voyage! We hope you have an amazing time taking in new sights, savoring tasty local delicacies, and enjoying special times with friends and family.

However, we don’t think you should let the “good times” end the second you step off the plane! Instead, we recommend you keep the memories alive with a beautiful keepsake—specifically, one of our travel Limoges boxes. Read on to learn why and to check out some of our top picks:

1. Memento of a Special Trip

There’s nothing quite like traveling to a new destination. Not only is it a lot of fun to shake up your routine, but the memories you make along the way make the trip extra-special.

You can think of a Limoges travel box as a snapshot in time of a moment you don’t want to forget—each time you look at it, you’ll be reminded of the beautiful memories you shared with your traveling companions.

And speaking of a “snapshot in time,” this travel Limoges camera box is the perfect way for shutterbugs to remember their trip. We especially love the photograph and the roll of film tucked inside the box. Just say cheese!

Double-Hinged Zoom Camera with Film Limoges Box by Beauchamp Limoges |

2. Fine Art Collectable

If you love fine art, a travel Limoges box is the perfect way to add an art piece to your collection while commemorating your trip. We offer the top Limoges brands including the Beauchamp Limoges line which is exclusive to our website, as well as Rochard Limoges boxes and Artoria Limoges boxes.

Each of these prestigious brands is renowned for the exquisite quality of the Limoges boxes they produce. Any one of these brands’ current or vintage Limoges boxes will make an elegant centerpiece or display item that’ll bring a smile to your face as you think of the special travel memory associated with it.

Limoges Travel Collectible Art Pieces |

3. A Great Gift Idea

If you left someone special behind when you went on your trip, it’s always a nice idea to give a memento upon your return. That memento will be even more appreciated if it’s a travel Limoges box. Although these fine art collectables are oh-so-tiny, they’re big on charm.

Even better, no matter where you visited, we have a Limoges box that’s just perfect for your gift recipient! For instance, we have Eiffel Tower Limoges boxes, Statue of Liberty Limoges boxes, London landmark Limoges boxes, White House Limoges boxes, Venetian gondola Limoges boxes and more!

We also offer in-house personalization on virtually all our Limoges travel boxes so you can leave a special note or commemorate the date for your gift recipient. Oh là là!

And if the phrase, “oh là là” makes you think of your love for France, you’ll especially appreciate this beautiful suitcase Limoges Eiffel Tower box. It even features a miniature Eiffel Tower packed away inside!

Paris Landmarks Suitcase with Eiffel Tower Limoges Box by Beauchamp Limgoes

4. Adorable

Other than babies and puppies, we’re not sure there’s anything more adorable than a travel Limoges box. These porcelain art pieces come in all shapes, representing virtually every city or country you can think of in the most clever and creative ways.

Better yet, these tiny collectibles typically range in size between 1-3 inches and come with an ornate clasp that’s been fashioned by an artisan. Upon being opened, many of the Limoges boxes store miniature trinkets inside, making the Limoges box interior a lovely surprise.

For instance, this travel Limoges box features a beach bag with suntan lotion, but open it up and inside, you’ll find a miniature seashell. Nice!

Beach Bag with Sea Shell Limoges Box by Beauchamp Limoges |

You’ll also find that the interior of your Limoges box is a great place for storing the coins or tickets you collect while traveling!

5. Tasteful

Unfortunately, one problem a lot of travelers face is the quality of the mementos they come across when traveling. They want a special way to remember their trip, but don’t want that way to include a tacky beach towel, snow globe, shot glass, or mug.

Don’t worry, discriminating traveler—we’ve got you covered! A Limoges travel box is the perfect, tasteful way to remember your trip.

Each travel Limoges box is crafted by hand in the Limoges region of France by master artisans in a process that takes weeks. None of these boxes are mass-produced like most travel collectibles, and because they are each hand-painted, no two are exactly alike!

Travel Limoges Boxes |

6. Variety of Styles

We are 100% confident that no matter where you traveled, we have a Limoges travel box that’s just right for you. We carry over 2,200 Limoges box styles — both current and retired — that represent all kinds of foods, activities, interests, and destinations.

Want to remember your special trip to Paris? We have breathtakingly beautiful Limoges Eiffel Tower boxes. Want a memento of your trip to Spain? Check out our Spanish-themed Limoges boxes. Want to recall your Asian adventure? We have Asian Limoges boxes too. We also have domestic travel Limoges boxes featuring fun locales like New York, California, and Vegas.

7. Easiest Way to Remember the Good Times

A travel Limoges box may just be the easiest—and nicest—way to remember that trip you took. Unfortunately, other travel mementos create a host of problems, adding unwanted stress—either you struggle to fit them in your suitcase or you worry they’ll break before you return home, or you have to declare them at customs which is a pain.

By contrast, a Limoges porcelain box is the ultimate in elegance and you can easily have it personalized, then shipped right to your doorstep—no going through customs, no risk of it breaking in your suitcase, and no struggling to make it fit in your travel bag.

In fact, rather than stuffing your suitcase with mementos, why not opt for this beautiful travel Limoges box, featuring a carry-on round suitcase instead? At just 2-1/4” high, it’s a miniature masterpiece!

Carry-On Suitcase Limoges Box |

Frankly, we can’t think of an easier or more beautiful way to remember your trip.

For all of these reasons, a Limoges travel box is a must-have for any jetsetter. View our world and travel Limoges boxes here. Or, check out our entire Limoges box collection here.

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