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8 Reasons Why You Should Buy Limoges Boxes from

8 Reasons Why You Should Buy Limoges Boxes from
By Vida Cunningham October 17, 2018 No comments

Do you enjoy the finer things in life? If you have a taste for exquisite and beautiful objects to add charm to your home’s decor, then French Limoges boxes are among the top Must-Have collectibles for you.

Collecting Limoges boxes is truly an enjoyable pastime. The spectacular hand-painted porcelain Limoges boxes come in countless shapes and forms to match every taste. They also make very attractive seasonal home décor.

Limoges boxes are not only beautiful decorative objects but true art masterpieces in miniature. As a historic art form that is only performed by a very small group of artisans in Limoges, France, these miniature works of art are created through a very lengthy and labor-intensive process. Each Limoges box is a wonderful keepsake and makes a truly impressive and valuable gift as well.

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When it comes to buying French Limoges boxes, you want to be sure to make your purchase from a trusted source that not only offers the best selection of authentic French Limoges boxes but provides excellent service as well. At, we are proud that based on quality, service and customer satisfaction, our website has been deemed the best place to buy Limoges boxes online.

Other than the points mentioned above, is also the obvious first choice for Limoges shoppers for a vast number of other reasons, eight of which are highlighted below.

1. Top-of-the-line Limoges boxes

When it comes to buying French Limoges boxes, quality and artistry matter immensely.

Today, there are various artists in Limoges, France, from novice to master artists, who produce and paint Limoges boxes. The artistic abilities and quality of work of these artists differ dramatically one from another.

We make great efforts in bringing you the very best, the most artistic and the highest quality Limoges boxes produced in Limoges, France. As art enthusiasts and collectors of objects of beauty ourselves, we truly appreciate the artistry of Limoges and know that our customers would want their Limoges purchases to be of the highest quality as well.

2. Exclusive Designs

Majority of Limoges collectors and gift shoppers want to purchase novel designs and shapes that stand out from the rest. After all, the uniqueness of collectible objects is what sets them apart from the rest and gives them great value and appeal.

At, we are proud to be the exclusive retailers of the luxury Limoges brand, Beauchamp Limoges. Offered exclusively at our website, you can find exceptional and unique Limoges boxes commissioned by Beauchamp Limoges from the top artists in Limoges with beautiful designs, outstanding artistry and great variety of styles.

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To our shoppers’ delight, our website not only offers all the popular Limoges brands such as Rochard, Artoria, Chamart and others but, also offers a very large selection of out-of-production, hard-to-find and rare Limoges boxes. You can find a great variety of unique and captivating Limoges boxes to add to your collection that match your taste and areas of interest. These fantastic collectibles also make the perfect addition to your home décor for all special occasions, holidays and the change of seasons.

3. Extensive Selection

As a Limoges collector or gift shopper, you would naturally want to shop where you can find a large selection. Limoges boxes come in such a great variety of styles, shapes and themes, and as a shopper, you would want to find just the right piece that matches your taste or the occasion you are buying a Limoges for.

At, we strive to offer the largest selection of the very best, the highest quality, and the most artistic Limoges boxes that are crafted in Limoges, France. Our ever-growing selection includes the latest creations from Limoges as well as retired and vintage boxes that are hard-to-find, including many rare Limoges boxes.

Best of all, you can always be sure that every item shown on our website is in stock and ready to be shipped immediately – no need to check if an item is in stock!

4. Competitive Prices

Limoges boxes are valuable art pieces and are luxury gifts and collectibles. With that said, since we import our Limoges boxes directly from the manufacturing artists in Limoges, we can offer these fantastic gems to you at exceptionally competitive pricing. You can expect to find our top-of-the-line Limoges boxes offered at savings of 20%-40% below retail, on average. Plus, if you are on our preferred customers mailing list, you can take advantage of our exclusive special offers.

5. Easy Shopping

With every visit to, you can find just the right Limoges boxes you wish to purchase. Our list of categories makes it easy for you to find the perfect Limoges box of your choice in the theme you are looking for.

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When shopping online, you expect your shopping experience to be quick and easy. At, we make every effort to make your shopping experience a very pleasant one within our easy-to-use and attractively-designed website. Our easy search and a very convenient and quick one-page checkout make it easy to shop and complete your order quickly. If your Limoges purchase is intended as a gift, our website makes it easy to send your gift directly to the address of your gift recipient. You can also add beautiful gift wrap and a gift card with your own text to be added to your purchase.

For those of you who prefer to speak to a live person and place your order by phone, our staff is always happy and ready to process your purchase quickly over the phone during business hours and to answer any questions you may have.

6. Personalization

Personalizing your Limoges box makes it so much more special and memorable. If you wish to commemorate a special trip, the birthday of a loved one, celebrating the graduate, or your favorite pet, these are just a few reasons to personalize your Limoges box. By adding a date or a short heart-felt sentiment, the Limoges box you collect or give as a gift will always be cherished and bring back wonderful memories.

With a click of a button right from the product page, you can add personalization to the Limoges box you are purchasing. Our personalization service is performed by an artist in-house so it is very fast and will not delay the shipment of your Limoges purchase. Perfect for a meaningful keepsake or a gift that will be remembered for a lifetime.

7. Super Fast Shipping

Wouldn’t it be great if as soon as you finished shopping online and pressed the “Buy It” button, your doorbell would ring and your package is delivered?!

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Well, at, we make it as close to that scenario as possible. We know how valuable your time is and that you would want to receive your item as soon as possible. That is why every purchase from is processed and shipped the same day. Depending on the shipping option you choose, you can expect to receive your Limoges box in 1-3 days.

8. Excellent Customer Service

Last, but not least, friendly and helpful customer service makes all the difference when it comes to shopping online. If you have a question about an item, want to make special arrangements for delivery, or encounter a problem when making a purchase, it is so helpful to be able to get quick assistance to answer the question or resolve the issue.

Customer Service |

At, we pride ourselves in providing excellent and helpful customer service. Since your satisfaction is a top priority for us, our friendly and knowledgeable customer service staff is available during business hours by phone or chat to answer your questions, assist in making a purchase or process your order by phone. Even if you need assistance after business hours, you can email us or send a chat message and receive a quick reply. We are here to make sure your shopping experience at our website is always easy, fast and trouble-free.

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