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9 Unique Gifts that Perfectly Capture Your Dad’s Quirky Personality

9 Unique Gifts that Perfectly Capture Your Dad’s Quirky Personality
By Vida Cunningham May 31, 2018 No comments

Dads are like snowflakes—no two are exactly alike. Yet, year after year, kids treat them like they’re alike, giving them the same old clothes, electronics, and gift cards for Father’s Day.

This year, why not do something different?

Why not show your dad you recognize his inner Mario Andretti, Tiger Woods, or Bill Gates, and give him a personalized gift that reflects his passions?

A Father’s Day Limoges box is a meaningful memento that says, “You mean a lot to me.”

The Ultimate Personal Gift

At, we carry thousands of Limoges porcelain boxes in virtually every style or design you can think of, so you’re sure to find one that’s just perfect for your dad.

Plus, these miniature French collectibles are handcrafted in the Limoges region of France in a process that takes weeks to perfect. Because each is painted by hand, no two fine art pieces are exactly alike, making them extra-special (just like dad, actually).

In addition—and here’s something we think dad will really be able to get behind—each Limoges box is part of a limited edition collection. That means that any Limoges Father’s Day box you give to your dad is likely to appreciate in value over time. CHA-CHING!

Father's Day Limoges Box Gifts |

We also provide personalization options for almost every Limoges box we carry. At your request, we can add a date or small phrase to your Father’s Day Limoges box to make it even more special.

To help you find just the right personalized Limoges box for your dad’s offbeat personality, check out 9 of our favorite Limoges Father’s Day boxes below:

1. For the Dad Who Loves Golf

Is there nothing your dad enjoys more than a golf outing? If so, we have the perfect Father’s Day Limoges Box for him! Check out this lovely 7 Iron Club Limoges Box from our collection of Sports Limoges boxes. We love the ornate Golf Ball clasp. Inside you’ll find a hand-painted image of the green with a hole and flag. Perfect for the dad who can’t get enough tee time!

Golf Club Limoges Box |

2. For the Dad Who's a Grill Master

Does your dad fancy himself the “Bad Boy” of barbecue? If so, he’ll drool over this Father’s Day Limoges box -- only one of the various barbecue styles from our collection of Food Limoges boxes.

It features a 2-wheeled barbecue grill and 4 juicy, seared burgers cooking over glowing red coals. What a great way to say, “Hey dad, thanks for all the good times grilling!”

Barbecue Grill with Hamburgers Limoges Box |

3. For the Speed Demon

Does your dad weave in and out of traffic like he’s driving the Indy 500? Does he like to tool around town in a fancy car? Or maybe he just has a passion for Porsches…whichever one it is, you can find the perfect gift for car-loving dads in our Vehicles Limoges boxes section.

Check out this beautiful Black Porsche Limoges Box. Open it up and inside, you’ll find a hand-painted picture of driving gloves. VROOM-VROOM!

Black Porsche Limoges Box |

4. For the Dad Who's Really a Knight in Shining Armor

Is your dad the perfect gentleman? Is he just the sweetest guy in the world? Show him you recognize what a prince he is with this charming Chivalrous Knight in Full Armor Limoges Box.

This medieval knight stands very regally (3.75” high) with his sword and full armor and is a great gift to let dad know just how amazing you think he is.

Knight Limoges Box |

5. For the Dad Who's a Huge Sports Fan

Does your dad spend every Sunday in front of the TV watching the game? If so, then he’ll love one of our sports-themed Limoges Father’s Day boxes.

In particular, check out this Football Uniform Limoges box. In addition to the sporty uniform, it also features a helmet, trophy, and chair. Open it up and inside, you’ll find the words “I LOVE FOOTBALL.” The interior’s also a great place to include a personalized message for dad!

Football Uniform, Football and Trophy on Chair Limoges Box |

6. For the Dad Who's All Business

Does your dad pour over the Wall Street Journal and the stock exchange? Is he always burning the late night oil at the office?

Show him you recognize his dedication with this Father’s Day Limoges box that resembles a leather briefcase. Our Professional Limoges boxes offer the perfect gifts for the career-minded business dad!

Briefcase Limoges Box |

7. For the Jet-Setting Dad

If your dad racks up frequent flyer miles like they’re going out of style, he’ll love this Limoges Father’s Day box that’s fashioned like a jet airplane.

This makes an ideal gift for the man-around-town who’s always hopping on a plane to far-flung destinations. Not only is it big on charm, but inside, you’ll find a hand-painted image of a suitcase with a “Paris” label. How chic!

Private Jet Airplane Limoges Box |

8. For the Dad Who's as Handy as They Come

Is your dad known as Mr. Fix-It? Is he always puttering around the house, working on a project of some sort? Is his toolkit his prized possession? If so, then he’s going to love this unique Limoges Father’s Day box that resembles an actual toolkit.

This fully-stocked tool kit features all the “tools of the trade,” in a handsome red porcelain Limoges box. The box is displayed fully open but lift up the ornate metal clasp and inside, you’ll find 2 miniature porcelain tools—a hammer and a pair of pliers.

Tool Chest Limoges Box by Beauchamp Limoges |

9. Our Absolute Favorite Gift, Perfect for ALL Dads

We have Father’s Day Limoges boxes representing every interest--sports, science, business, books, leisure, barbecues, games, tools, travel, etc.—but there’s one Limoges Father’s Day box that’s perfect for every dad and that’s a gift that comes straight from the heart.

For the best Father’s Day gift ever, we recommend you recall a favorite memory you share with your dad—maybe it was that time you went fishing together, perhaps it was a talk you had over a particularly great meal, or maybe it was that time you traveled cross-country together.

Whatever the occasion was, we guarantee you that we carry a box that represents that memory perfectly .

Find it on our website, have it personalized, and give it to your dad this Father’s Day—not only will your dad appreciate the sentiment behind it, but he’ll cherish it for years to come…heck, you might even bring a tear to dear old dad’s eye.

Fishing Basket with Fishing Rod Limoges Box by Beauchamp Limoges |

If you want to find the perfect gift for your dad, you’ve come to the right place! At, you’ll find one of the largest collection of Limoges boxes you can find online anywhere.

Not only do we carry the Beauchamp Limoges brand—which is exclusive to our store—but we also carry other fine brands like Artoria Limoges and Rochard Limoges. Search our full collection of personalized gifts here:

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