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A Limoges Box Brand That Tops All Others!

A Limoges Box Brand That Tops All Others!
By Vida Cunningham August 3, 2017 No comments

If you are among the countless number of people who love, admire and collect French Limoges boxes, you would naturally want to select the very best. Whether you are adding pieces to your own collection or plan to give a worthy gift to a friend or loved one, an exquisite and high-quality Limoges box makes an impressive choice.

But, did you know that not all Limoges boxes are of the same quality? Limoges boxes can vary significantly in craftsmanship as well as artistry depending on the manufacturer.

Limoges boxes are crafted by various small factories and independent artists under different brands in Limoges, France. Here is why Beauchamp Limoges is the preferred brand of luxury hand-painted French porcelain and the number one choice for discerning collectors.


Beauchamp Limoges is all about preserving the historic and endangered art form of porcelain painting by producing the very best and highest quality Limoges boxes by the most artistic and seasoned artisans in the Limoges region. The quality of Beauchamp porcelain Limoges boxes parallel those displayed in palaces and museums across Europe. From the quality of the white porcelain to hand-painting and metalwork, Beauchamp Limoges commissions the highest skilled artisans to produce its Limoges art pieces and offer Limoges boxes that are a joy to own and display with pride.

Beauchamp Limoges offers top-of-the-line quality in porcelain Limoges boxes |


The artistry of porcelain painting is a historic art form that requires years of training and experience to master. There are a number of artists in Limoges, France who produce and/or decorate Limoges boxes. The level of quality and artwork of these artists can vary dramatically depending on talent, training and length of experience. Beauchamp Limoges commissions its collection of Limoges boxes only to the very best, the most seasoned and talented artists in Limoges. Such artists have mastered the art of porcelain painting and are experts in this field. The result is a fantastic selection of Limoges boxes with an unparalleled level of artistry that is far superior to others on the market. Beauchamp’s collection of exquisitely hand-painted Limoges boxes is considered museum quality art pieces. Most Limoges boxes are not only painted on the exterior surfaces but offer detailed and beautiful painting inside the Limoges. Many Limoges boxes are also accompanied by an additional hand-painted accessory piece which adds more charm to the exceptional and collectible Limoges boxes.

Mastrer artisans produce the highest quality Limoges boxes for Beauchamp Limoges |

Exclusive Designs

The collection of Beauchamp Limoges boxes offers a variety of designs and shapes that are exclusive to Beauchamp Limoges. As collectors and gift shoppers are always on the lookout for pieces that stand out from the rest, Beauchamp Limoges offers a variety of attractive shapes and designs that are unique and exceptional. Throughout each year, Beauchamp’s designers and artists work hand-in-hand to create and introduce new designs for various themes, topics of interest as well as seasonal pieces so that collectors and shoppers can always expect new and innovative designs to choose from.

Exquisite Limoges boxes by Beauchamp Limoges |


Beauchamp Limoges offers a broad selection of Limoges boxes in all themes and shapes for every season, occasion and taste. For special occasions, holidays or just to add a special touch, you can find mesmerizing and delightful Limoges boxes in every category produced by Beauchamp Limoges. From themes such as birthday, wedding, anniversary, baby, flowers and gardening, travel, professional, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, art, literature, fun and games and so much more, you can always find just the right Limoges box offered by Beauchamp Limoges. With such a great variety of Limoges boxes to choose from, the difficulty becomes how to just choose one!

Beauchamp Limoges offers a vast variety of unique and exceptional Limoges boxes |

Just a few samples of the vast variety of unique and exceptional Limoges boxes offered by Beauchamp Limoges

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