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A Valentine’s Day Gift to Impress: A Hand-Painted French Limoges Box

A Valentine’s Day Gift to Impress: A Hand-Painted French Limoges Box
By Vida Cunningham February 9, 2016 1 comment

Valentines Day Limoges Boxes, Gifts That Will Impress!

Celebrating Valentine’s Day has deep roots in history. Based on the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia which was held annually on February 15 th, the pagan ceremony of the festival was intended for securing fertility and to keep out evil. In the 5 th century, Pope Gelasius recast the pagan festival as a Christian feast day, to be celebrated on February 14th as St. Valentine’s Day. Although the identity of and the story behind St. Valentine who is honored on this day remains a mystery, the celebration is associated with love and charity.

Cherub Limoges Box by Beauchamp |

Over the centuries, celebrating Valentine’s Day evolved. By the 18 th century, exchanging gifts and hand-made cards with hearts and cupids became common in England and shortly thereafter, spread to the United States. Today, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the US by young and old alike and is a wonderful excuse to share one’s sentiments with loved ones, especially by giving gifts.

Valentine Gift Boxes with Heart Limoges Box |

Other than chocolate and roses, giving a unique gift makes this loveliest day of all even more special. Limoges boxes make fantastic gifts for any occasion, especially for Valentine’s Day. The exquisitely hand-painted shapes related to love make these miniature works of art just the perfect gift to impress any recipient.

Of course, as chocolate and candies have become a symbol of Valentine’s Day, many wonderful styles of Valentine Limoges boxes are made in the shape of a chocolate candy box.

Red Heart Box of Chocolates Limoges Box (Beauchamp)

Frogs have always been associated with love – i.e., the fairy tale story of the frog who became a prince. Hence, a frog Limoges box makes a perfectly romantic Valentine’s Day gift.

Frog Couple by the Lily Pond Limoges Box by Beauchamp |

What could be more romantic than the Walt Disney cartoon characters Donald Duck and Daisy going out on a date for Valentine's Day? This ultra rare Limoges box portrays Donald and Daisy seated on a heart-shaped loveseat. Daisy is admiring the red heart-shaped candy box she has received from Donald. Wouldn't you love to have this fantastic Limoges box as a Valentine's Day gift?

Donald Duck & Daisy On A Date Limoges Box |

Greeting cards and poems are still the most traditional gifts for Valentine's Day. No fear, a fantastic Limoges box resembling a Valentine's Day Card with a poem is here to make the most impressive Valentine's Day gift. The charming Limoges box has the phrase "How do I love thee?" inscribed over a heart among roses. Inside the card has the inscription: "Let me count the ways"

How Do I Love Thee Valentine's Card Limoges Box | LimogesCollector.comHow Do I Love Thee Valentine's Day Card Limoges Box |

For many centuries, love letters have touched the souls of lovers. An exquisitely hand-painted Love Letter Limoges box is guaranteed to capture the heart and that special someone is sure to be impressed with this charming valentine Limoges box.

Love Letter Envelope with Card Limoges Box |

Last, but not least, a heart-shaped Limoges box will make the most appropriate gift for Valentine's Day. Thankfully, there are numerous styles of heart Limoges boxes available. A heart is a great communicator of one's sentiments of love, romance, gratitude or kindness. Luckily, you can find an array of heart-shaped Limoges boxes at to suit any special occasion, especially for Valentine's Day.

Gold Heart with Roses "Key to my heart" Limoges Box |

This enchanting heart-shaped Limoges box is covered with 24K Gold and hand-painted with roses. Inside is a removable golden key and the inscription "Key to my heart".

Have a happy Valentine's Day.

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Lesley February 15, 2016 at 11:38 AM
Thank you for this beautiful post. Those of us who love and collect Limoges boxes, would LOVE to receive a Limoges box for any occasion, let alone Valentine's Day. Keep them coming!