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Adorable Limoges Boxes Any Pet Owner Will Love

Adorable Limoges Boxes Any Pet Owner Will Love
By Vida Cunningham January 25, 2018 No comments

Make Any Pet Owner Smile with These 8 Animal-inspired Limoges Boxes

It’s never been a better time for pets and their owners. Why? It’s projected that by 2020, the United States pet industry is projected to $96 billion in sales. This is due to the fact that many pet owners develop a close emotional bond with their furry companion. And we don’t blame them! From dogs, cats, horses, fish, and every pet in between, nowadays pets are treated like family members, which is evident in the way that pet owners share stories and pictures of them.

But that leads us to one very important question: what memorable gift should you buy the pet owner that’s on your list? Give them the unique gift of one of our personalized French Limoges boxes. We know that these boxes will fill any pet owner’s heart with joy and sentiment.

Coming in a variety of styles, themes, and subject matters, Limoges boxes are beautiful gifts that will be treasured for years to come. One of our more popular Limoges box collections is animal-themed, which are perfect for all pet owners. Which one should you buy? Below are some of our favorite Limoges boxes that any pet owner will love.

Limoges Box #1: Dog in red gift box

Dog in a Red Gift Box |

Surprise the pet owner in your life with this dog popping out of a present Limoges box. This sweet little pup will fill any pet owners heart with love. As animal lovers ourselves, we’ve always dreamed of opening a present to find a fluffy dog inside. To us, this Limoges box represents the joy of pet ownership and the love that comes with owning a pet, whether that pet is a dog, cat, or other animal.

Limoges Box #2: White kitty playing with yarn

White Kitty Playing with Yarn Limoges Box |

As pet owners, we’ve all seen our beloved furry friend grow up. It’s actually quite amazing to see how your pet matures, socializes, and eventually becomes an integral part of your family (and in some cases, best friend). One of the reasons why we love this Limoges box is due to the fact that it represents the playfulness and innocence of youth. Upon looking at this Limoges box, it takes us back in time to when we first brought our furry family member home.

Limoges Box #3: Dog playing ball in the grass

Dog Playing with Ball Limoges Box |

Let’s play! Similar in style and messaging to the above Limoges dog box that we highlighted, this box represents a dog bending over eager to play with this blue ball. We’ve all seen the playful happiness and energy pets get when their owners play with them. Representing that eagerness and endless energy, any pet owner will smile and laugh when unwrapping this hand-painted retired Limoges box.

Limoges Box #4: Brown cat and kitty

Brown Cat and Kitty Limoges Box |

Another great choice for the pet lover in your life, this particular Limoges cat box is one that we feel pet owners will hold close to their hearts. Very little beats the feeling of love that you get from your pet. Their dependence, loyalty, and selflessness remind us how another living thing can rely on us. This sweet mama cat and her kitten is the perfect representation of that love and bond.

Limoges Box #5: Black labrador with ball

Black Labrador Limoges Box |

This regal black lab represents the loyalty and companionship all owners feel towards their pets. Hand-crafted by Beauchamp Limoges, this box is produced by one of the top Limoges box brands in the world. One of our favorite details that this box features (and one reasons why it made our list) are the three colorful balloons that have been so delicately drawn on the inside - such a fun surprise, and this added detail makes this Limoges box perfect to celebrate any occasion whether it’s big or small.

Limoges Box #6: Sofa with cat and dog

Dog and Cat on Sofa Limoges Box |

Another option to choose from is a box from our rare and retired Limoges dog box collection. This captivating box features a cat and dog peacefully resting on the sofa together, which pet owners can truly resonate with. Nothing quite beats the fulfillment owners get when cuddling with their furry companion. Made with colorful hand-painted design, this unique box has been fired numerous times to achieve the great detailing in the coloring. To top it off, this collectable is adorned with intricate metalwork and an ornate bow clasp, adding to the overall elegance of this impressive piece of art.

Limoges Box #7: Brown squirrel among leaves eating acorn

Squirrel Eating Acorn Limoges Box |

It’s lunch time! This cute squirrel enjoying a treat of acorns will surely warm the heart of any pet owner. From the squirrel’s smiling eyes to the detailing of the autumn leaves both inside and out to the enjoyment of a lunchtime treat, this adorable Limoges box will allow the end receiver to slow down a bit and realize the importance of the simple things in life. At the end of the day, all pets really want from their owners is unconditional love, which they receive in one way through food and treats. Celebrate pets and the simple things in life by giving this Beauchamp Limoges box as a gift.

Limoges Box #8: Aquarium tropical fish bowl

Aquarium Fish Bowl Limoges Box |

Of course, we haven’t forgotten about our aquatic and exotic pet owners! This 2-inch box from our Fish, Turtle, and Frog Limoges boxes collection is both traditional and unique. Perfect to hold a small memento, note, or jewelry, the design of this busy tropical aquarium box features a variety of fish swimming in an underwater scene. Whether it’s put on display in a cabinet or used to hold an item on a desk or dresser, this Limoges box is another great option for the pet owner on your list.

And those are just some of our favorite Limoges boxes that any pet owner will love. Whether you choose one of the above Limoges boxes or you decide to buy another one, we encourage you to personalize it to help make this gift even more special. One way to specialize your newly purchased Limoges box is to use it to hold another surprise. We recommend storing a treat inside so the pet owner’s furry friend can partake in the celebration too. This special touch will make both the pet and owner feel very happy.

We’d love to hear from you, tell us what Limoges box you are going to give the pet owner that’s on your list.