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Baby Gifts That Will Become Heirlooms

Baby Gifts That Will Become Heirlooms
By Vida Cunningham May 22, 2017 No comments

A baby’s birth is a wonderful occasion to celebrate with family and friends and to welcome the precious little bundle of joy with adorable gifts. This is a time for all who are near and dear to shower the new precious little life with gifts.

Baby Girl with Welcome Card Limoges Box | LimogesCollector.comBaby Boy with Welcome Card Limoges Box |

Nowadays, the choices in baby gifts are abundant. From practical gifts such as baby furniture, outfits and newborn care products, to cute toys and whimsical gifts are offered in shops and online stores to suit every baby.

For those who want to go outside the common, there is another wonderful gift idea to celebrate the little one’s arrival – an adorable French Limoges box. Our fantastic selection of Baby Limoges boxes offer exquisite keepsakes and exceptional gifts that the parents will appreciate and the child will cherish in the future. A beautiful hand-painted baby-themed porcelain Limoges box will not only be a great gift to commemorate the birth of the new-arrival, but as the baby grows up, such a gift will become a precious keepsake and a treasured heirloom.

Whether the gift is to be given at a baby shower or after the baby’s birth, a unique Limoges box makes the perfect baby gift choice for friends and relatives and is sure to bring lots of smiles and heartfelt appreciation.

These timeless and precious Limoges box baby gifts include shapes that have become symbolic of newborn babies. An adorable Pacifier Limoges box in pink for a baby girl or in blue for a baby boy makes just the perfect gift for the new baby.

Baby Boy Pacifier Limoges Box | LimogesCollector.comBaby Girl Pacifier Limoges Box |

Baby Booties

What could be cuter than a pair of baby booties keepsake box? These little Limoges boxes make the perfect gift for the newborn just to display or to hold a tiny memorable item. The Bootie Limoges boxes come in a variety of styles and patterns to choose from.

Baby Girl Booties Limoges Box | LimogesCollector.comBaby Boy Booties Limoges Box |

Baby Carriage

These precious little Limoges boxes are just the perfect keepsake for a baby girl or boy. As gentle movement puts the baby to sleep, baby strollers and carriages are symbolic of a newborn. These charming baby carriages will be a wonderful lifetime keepsake.

Baby Boy Carriage Limoges Box | LimogesCollector.comBaby Girl Carriage Limoges Box |

Baby Bassinet

Adorable little baby bassinets represent peace and comfort and sweet dreams for the little bundle of joy. The tiny pacifier accessory adds more charm to the beautiful keepsake Limoges box.

Baby Boy in Bassinet Limoges Box | LimogesCollector.comBaby Girl in Bassinet Limoges box |

First Keepsakes

Keepsake boxes to hold baby’s first tooth and first curl are adorable gifts for the newborn and serve as lifetime keepsakes that are adored when received and cherished for life. Perfect for storing the precious little first tooth and the lock of hair from baby's first haircut.

Baby's First Curl Limoges box | LimogesCollector.comBaby's First Tooth Limoges Box | LimogesCollector.comBaby's First Curl Limoges Box Blue | LimogesCollector.comBaby's First Tooth Limoges Box in blue |

Personalized Baby Gifts

What better way to commemorate the birth of a new baby with her/his name and date of birth inscribed inside your gift. Limoges boxes can be personalized to include these essentials as well as your heartfelt sentiments. Hand-inscribed by an artist to keep with the tradition of Limoges artistry, the personalization is performed with a special ink specifically for porcelain and then cold-grazed to become indelible.

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