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Birthday Gifts That Turn into Cherished Collectibles

Birthday Gifts That Turn into Cherished Collectibles
By Vida Cunningham March 5, 2019 No comments

Shopping for birthday gifts can be a real challenge. After all, not only do you want to choose something your recipient will like, but you also want your gift to be memorable … the type of gift that they’ll still think about a year later, because it was so unique.

Mass-produced gifts don’t qualify. Ditto for anything they can eat or drink. Gift cards are boring. Plus, you want to make sure you don’t give the same gift someone else gives.

Hmmm, what to choose? We think you know what we’re about to say …

A Limoges Birthday Box Makes the Perfect Gift

There are tons of reasons a birthday Limoges box make a great gift. Allow us to share five of them with you:

Birthday Limoges Box Gifts |

hand-painted porcelain Limoges box not only makes the perfect birthday gift but is an exquisite art piece the recipient will display with pride.

1. A Lifelong Interest Starts with a Gift.

Many of our customers who are avid Limoges box collectors developed an interest in Limoges boxes after receiving one as a gift. Once people see how adorable these miniature gorgeous French porcelain boxes are, they fall head over heels for them and start their own Limoges box collections. By giving a Limoges box as a gift, you have the opportunity to introduce a friend or family member to the lifelong joy of collecting Limoges boxes!

2. Limoges Boxes Often Increase in Value.

Each Limoges box is part of a limited edition. As a result, it’s not uncommon for the value of a retired box to go up over time. So, a Limoges box—unlike any other gift you could give—gets more valuable with time, rather than less so. We think your gift recipient will appreciate how their box appreciates!

3. These Charming Boxes Beautify Any Décor.

These miniature French masterpieces are exquisite works of art that improve the ambiance of any home. No matter what their taste, the birthday girl or boy is sure to appreciate the elegance and sophistication a Limoges box adds to their home.

Limoges Boxes Make Perfect Birthday Gifts |

4. Personalization Makes a Gift Even More Meaningful.

Giving a personalized gift make it obvious that a lot of time and thought went into a gift’s selection. Fortunately, at, virtually all of our birthday Limoges boxes can be personalized by our in-house artist , so your recipient is sure to appreciate your gift’s heartfelt inscription.

Personalized Birthday Gift Limoges Boxes |

5. Your Gift Recipient Will Love the Limoges Birthday Box You Choose.

At, we literally carry over 2,300 different Limoges boxes, representing every hobby and passion imaginable. No matter what your loved one enjoys, we guarantee there’s a Limoges porcelain box that’s just perfect for them!

Choosing Just the Right Limoges Birthday Box

We have so many amazing Limoges boxes that admittedly, it can be difficult to choose just one as a gift. Allow us to help … check out our ideas below for selecting just the right Limoges birthday box.

For the Book Lover

Do you have a friend who always has her nose buried in a book? If so, we think she’ll absolutely love a literary-themed Limoges box. In particular, we adore this little pink box that looks just like a birthday book.

Birthday Book porcelain Limoges Box |

Open it up and inside, there’s a precious miniature pink polka-dotted present, making it an ideal gift not just for book lovers, but also for the woman in your life who adores-all-things-pink.

For the Culinary Goddess

If your friend’s a whiz in the kitchen, why not honor their culinary genius with this beautiful Beauchamp Limoges box? It’s a stainless-steel oven, hand-painted in striking chrome, and it features two copper pots and a French cookbook.

Cooking & Culinary Limoges Boxes |

“Bon Appetit,” as Julia Child would say! What your friend will say is, “Ooh-la-la, I love it-- This is the perfect addition to my kitchen!”

For the World Traveler

Limoges boxes are the ideal collectable for your jet-setting friend. We carry hundreds of boxes representing tons of different destinations, and you’re sure to find the absolute perfect gift to remind your friend of their delightful trip to a far-flung exotic locale.

For instance, if your friend’s a fan of Paris, we have Eiffel Tower Limoges boxes . London more their speed? We have numerous London-themed boxes , featuring all kinds of fun English attractions like Big Ben, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and Buckingham Palace. Are they in love with China? We carry lots of charming pagoda boxes .

Bottom line? You name the place, we have a Limoges box for it!

And if you can’t pick just one destination for a gift box, we suggest an adorable suitcase like this one, representing multiple destinations. We guarantee your world traveler will fall in love with it!

Suitcase Luggage Limoges Box |

For Your Cocktail-Loving Friend

Can you and your friend often be found sharing cocktails while you discuss the latest and greatest? If so, a Limoges box featuring a cocktail tray makes the perfect gift!

We love the two delectable-looking beverages, cocktail shaker, and the ingredients book featured alongside it all. We can’t think of a more thoughtful way to let someone know how much you enjoy celebrating happy hour with them!

Cocktails Tray Limoges Box by Beauchamp |

For the Movie Lover

Do you have a friend who’s obsessed with the movies? Or a friend you always go to the movies with? If so, we suggest a movie-themed Limoges box for their birthday. It’s a great way to let them know how much you cherish all your shared screen time.

While we have plenty of different movie-themed boxes to choose from, we like this bag of popcorn—it’s the perfect way to say, “I enjoy our movie nights together!”

Box of Popcorn Limoges Box |

For the Sports Fiend

If your friend loves sports, we think they’ll really like a sports-themed Limoges box . We have plenty to choose from, representing tons of different sports.

For instance, this downhill skier is just one of the many sports Limoges boxes we offer on our site. What a great gift for the friend whose philosophy is, “The mountains are calling and I must go.”

Downhill Skier Limoges Box |

For the Friend with a Sweet Tooth

Does your friend go gaga for ganache? If so, we have birthday cake Limoges boxes that are so pretty, the sweets lover in your life will want to eat them.

In particular, we love this chocolate birthday cake with the 24K gold candle. Just lift the cake plate up and inside, you’ll find a charming miniature pink heart, as well as an inscription that reads, “Bon Anniversaire”--French for happy birthday!

Birthday Cake Limoges Box by Beauchamp |

And Last but Not Least…

No matter what your friend’s tastes or interests, we think they’ll love this miniature fortune cookie as a birthday gift. Inside it has a porcelain fortune insert that says, “Happiness is in your future.”

What a charming way to let them know you predict their upcoming year will be a joy-filled one!

Fortune Cookie Limoges Box by Beauchamp Limoges |

These are just a small sample of the Limoges boxes we carry. To find the perfect Limoges birthday gift for your friend or family member, view our entire collection of Limoges boxes here .

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