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Easter-Inspired Limoges Porcelain Miniatures You Must Add To Your Easter Decorations

Easter-Inspired Limoges Porcelain Miniatures You Must Add To Your Easter Decorations
By Vida Cunningham March 6, 2018 No comments

Easter is one of our favorite holidays. Why? It represents new life and is all about remembering the importance of fresh starts while cherishing the spring season that’s to come. Why else do we like Easter? In addition to the religious aspects of this holiday, it’s around Easter time when new flowers start to bloom, the sun starts to shine more, the weather gets warmer, and gatherings with family and friends start to pick up in frequency – what’s not to love about this time of year?

Whether you’re entertaining a big or small crowd this Easter and want to decorate your home, there are a variety of simple Easter decorations that will more than impress your guests. We’ve gathered our favorite Easter-inspired Limoges porcelain miniatures and are highlighting different tips on how you can decorate your home with them.

Selecting Perfect Easter-Inspired Limoges Porcelain Miniatures

These miniature masterpieces are one of the best ways to add elegance into your home décor. Having a selection of over 2,200 Limoges boxes, below we’ve highlighted the best Limoges collectibles from our collection of Easter Limoges boxes that will help to enhance your Easter and spring decorations this year.

Easter Basket Limoges box with Cala Lilies by Beauchamp |


From our holiday Easter collection, we have 90 magnificent Limoges porcelain miniatures that are perfect for celebrating Easter. In this collection you’ll find several different options including:

  • Limoges egg (colors and theme varies)
  • Rabbits in baskets
  • Rabbits with Easter eggs
  • Easter baskets
  • Easter eggs
  • Churches
  • Baby Chicks
  • Flower Arrangements
  • Bibles

  • If you’re on the hunt for an Easter-specific Limoges box, you’ll find it in this collection.

    Bunny Rabbits and Easter Basket Limoges boxes |

    Rabbits & Mice

    Highlighting more rabbits than mice from this collection, our cute bunny rabbit Limoges porcelain miniatures will make your heart melt. Featuring rabbit Limoges boxes with cute bunny rabbits sitting in grass to ones popping out of cabbage and carrots to decorative rabbits with intriguing flower designs, this collection is perfect to add unique Easter and spring flair to your home decorations. We even feature the famed Limoges box brand, Artoria, in this collection with Bambi’s Thumper. The diverse boxes seen in our rabbits and mice collection will truly inspire your decorating.

    Bunny Rabbit Inside Cabbage Limoges Box by Rochard |

    Butterflies & Ladybugs

    Nothing is more spring-like than butterflies and ladybugs. While not your traditional Easter decorations, these Limoges porcelain miniatures are perfect to last all season long. Are you looking for a Limoges egg with hand-painted butterflies? How about butterflies sitting on flowers? Our ladybug boxes also come in a variety of styles including ladybugs in grass, ladybugs on a watering can, and ladybug gardening boots. This collection also features other spring-related boxes such as bees, cute snails, and other insects. All will surely make you ready for that springtime weather!

    Colorful Butterfly Among Flowers Limoges Box by Beauchamp |

    Flowers & Gardening

    Yet another collection that features bright colors and spring-themed Limoges collectibles, our flowers and gardening collection has a variety of Limoges boxes that will brighten up your day. Gardening or lover of flowers? We have boxes that are flower bouquets, baskets filled with flowers, boxes with hand-painted flowers, watering cans, bird bath, and much more. These whimsical Limoges porcelain miniatures will enhance your home’s Easter and spring decorations.

    Red & Yellow Tulips in Flower Pot Limoges Box |

    Religious Keepsakes

    In conjunction with the religious side of Easter, we also feature a variety of religious boxes that are perfect for this holiday:

  • Churches
  • Bibles
  • Angels
  • Specific buildings such as the Duomo from Florence, Italy

  • Our selection of spiritual Limoges collectibles are all beautifully crafted and will help to celebrate all Christian and Catholic holidays, not just Easter.

    Holy Bible with Stained Glass Painting Limoges Box by Beauchamp |

    Decorating Your Home With Limoges Porcelain Miniatures

    There are many ways your Easter-inspired and spring Limoges collectables can be displayed around your home. Each of these precious boxes can certainly play a role in decorating different areas in your home and will also add color and livelihood to any décor.

    The following tips can provide ideas on how to best display your cherished Easter-inspired Limoges porcelain miniatures for the most attractive results.

    Choose Prominent Places

    There are a variety of places where you can choose to display your Limoges collectibles: fireplace mantel, bookshelf, piano table, side or coffee tables, and china cabinets. All of these places will be sure to catch the eye of your guests.

    It’s also in these places where you can decide how you want to display your boxes. You can opt for them to be the center of attention or you can add additional Easter decorations such as a garland, clear bowl filled with glitter or brightly colored eggs or Easter egg cones and trees.

    Incorporate Them Into Centerpieces

    Chances are that if you’re celebrating Easter, you’re probably hosting an Easter brunch or dinner. While we recommend keeping things sparse, adding Limoges porcelain miniatures into centerpieces will gently enhance your table settings. One way to do this is to arrange them around a vase filled with flowers.

    Easter Limoges Boxes |

    Match Colors and Put Like Items Together

    Another way to incorporate your Easter and spring-inspired Limoges collectibles is to group them to match the color scheme in a particular room. Collectibles that are in similar color or two contrasting colors will help to create eye-catching visuals.

    Looking to create even more visual appeal? You can vary the heights of each box in your grouping. For example, you can place a Limoges traditional box by one that has more height. Another idea is to create depth by placing your Limoges collectibles in a triangle pattern instead of a straight line.

    Place Them Strategically

    This is one of our most important tips. Placing too many Limoges porcelain miniatures together or placing them with another overpowering piece of art will mask their beauty and sentiment. The same holds true if you put them in too small a space. It’s important to place them in different areas in various rooms of your house so you can show off their unique beauty.

    For more tips on decorating your home with Limoges porcelain miniatures, read our blog post here.

    Our pretty Easter-inspired and spring Limoges porcelain miniatures will help to celebrate the fresh, new life aspect of these holidays while helping to add a bit of color to your home. By incorporating any one of our Limoges collectibles, we know that you’ll be the talk of the town. Browse our entire selection of Limoges boxes today to find the perfect Easter-inspired Limoges porcelain miniatures to add to your collection.

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