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Event Gifts with a WOW Factor! Artist Hand-Painted French Limoges Boxes

Event Gifts with a WOW Factor!  Artist Hand-Painted French Limoges Boxes
By Vida Cunningham April 7, 2016 1 comment

Luxury Event Gifts with a WOW Factor!

Planning an event that is truly memorable takes a great deal of preparation. From choosing the perfect location, design theme, catering, activities down to the music, much thought and planning goes into the process. What makes an event truly memorable, even long after the event is over, is a luxurious theme-specific keepsake gift. An exquisite hand-painted French Limoges box will truly impress every recipient.

For special events, whether a private occasion or a special corporate event, it is well worth going the extra mile to choose a gift that people will cherish. One of the best gestures may be a limited-edition gift. With the stamp of originality and aesthetic value, a beautiful and creative limited-edition Limoges box gift will have lasting impact.

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A high quality event gift will be remembered, cherished and valued.

Theme-Specific Limoges Box Gifts

Whether you are planning a wedding, a special birthday party, baby shower, bat mitzvah, holiday or a corporate event, you can find luxury hand-painted French Limoges boxes to perfectly suit your occasion. Limoges boxes come in every shape imaginable. You are sure to find many styles that would be perfect for your occasion. From sports to travel, art, cooking, flowers, professions and business, religious, music and so much more are themes that can be selected for an event gift that will truly impress each recipient.

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A Holiday event will be a truly memorable one with a fantastic Limoges treasure box gift.

A Limoges box keepsake gift is the perfect memorabilia for a group cruise or a vacation tour to any destination.

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Personalized Limoges Box Gifts

One wonderful aspect of a Limoges box gift is that they can be personalized with an artist hand-inscribed message. You can request inscription of any short message, a date, name/location or even a short poem to be inscribed inside each Limoges box. Your guests and attendees will always remember your event with the sentiment in the Limoges keepsake box they receive.

Hand-Crafted by Master Artisans

Limoges boxes are world-famous for their exquisite artistry and originality in design. The master artisans in Limoges, France create beautiful works of art that are truly collectible. Each Limoges box is individually crafted and hand-painted and is a unique artistic creation. When ordering Limoges boxes for an event, you can add your own artistic flair in the creation of the perfect Limoges keepsake by requesting a design of your choice. You can even request to create a completely new shape to match your event requirements. Limoges artisans are able to create a mold in any shape you desire for a fantastic limited edition art piece for your event attendees.

Pricing & Quantity Savings

As you may well know, Limoges boxes are high-end luxury gifts that can be quite expensive. The great news is, when you order Limoges boxes in quantity, you can take advantage of a large wholesale discount.

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Emily R. April 15, 2016 at 4:21 PM
It is a great idea to include a memorabilia gift when arranging a tour or a cruise. A Limoges box is the perfect gift as every tour or cruise participant will value it as a thoughtful keepsake.