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Exclusive Limoges Boxes That Stand Out From All The Rest

Exclusive Limoges Boxes That Stand Out From All The Rest
By Vida Cunningham November 30, 2017 No comments

What is better than owning a collectible that is exceptional, magnificent and unique?

Every collector is always on the lookout for the next unique and out-of-the-ordinary piece to add to their collection.

When it comes to unique and out-of-the-ordinary art pieces, Limoges boxes in themselves are quite unique. Each piece is individually crafted and exquisitely hand-painted by a very select group of artisans in the Limousine region of central France.

All Limoges boxes are made in limited editions, whether stated or not. Numerous models are only made in very small quantities. This fact makes them quite unique and many styles are very hard-to-find.

Exclusive Limoges Boxes by Beauchamp Limoges |

The exclusivity of certain styles of Limoges adds another level of uniqueness to each piece.

Many Limoges box styles are produced by small factories and workshops from blanks that are made available to various artists in the Limoges area. The white porcelain shapes are painted by different artists with varying levels of artistry.

On the other hand, an exclusive Limoges box is only produced and hand-painted by one producer. Such styles are much more desirable as they are made with much higher quality and in much smaller quantities. Any collector who seeks to own pieces that are exceptional and scarce, will highly value exclusive Limoges boxes.

In continuously striving to produce pieces that are of great interest to collectors and gift buyers, Beauchamp Limoges , the producers of the highest quality French Limoges boxes, commission their team of distinguished designers and artists to create a collection of new and variant Limoges box designs each year. These creations include a completely new re-design of shapes previously in circulation with variant color schemes and designs as well as brand new mold creations of shapes and subject matters that are completely new to the market.

Exclusive Limoges Boxes by Beauchamp Limoges |

Beauchamp Limoges continuously commissions the very best, most experienced and the most artistic artisans in Limoges, France to produce their exceptional and beautiful Limoges boxes. The end result is a fantastic collection of truly outstanding luxury and ornate art pieces that are breathtakingly beautiful and unique. Each piece is mesmerizing and is a great joy to behold and a great privilege to own.

The latest creations for the 2017 Holiday season and the spring of 2018 include several truly outstanding pieces. The following are just a few examples of these exceptional collectible Limoges boxes introduced for the new season.

Stonehenge Monument

The world famous pre-historic monument and a British landmark has been beautifully represented in a miniature Stonehenge Limoges box art piece. The giant stones that have been arranged in a circle in the grassy open expanse in northern England are magnificently portrayed in miniature form. Inside the box is a detailed painting of Stonehenge against the rising sun, representing the early morning of the summer solstice. The Limoges box is the perfect collectible for anyone who has visited this magnificent site.

Stonehenge Monument, an Exclusive Limoges box by Beauchamp |

Box of Holiday Gourmet Gifts

One of the traditional and practical Holiday gifts of the modern era is a box of gourmet foods. This exquisite porcelain miniature brings to life a collection of gourmet delicacies inside a festively decorated Limoges box. The charming Holiday Gourmet Gifts Limoges box is hand-painted in the traditional red and green designs with a gold label “Gourmet Holiday Gifts”. Inside the box are 4 tiny porcelain gifts: Sausage, French Cheese, Box of Crackers and a Jar of Dijon Mustard. This Limoges box makes a fantastic Holiday gift that will be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Box of Holiday Gourmet Gifts, an Exclusive Limoges box by Beauchamp |

Julia Child Cookbook

Julia Child is the beloved American chef, author and TV personality who is credited for introducing French cuisine to the American public through her television cooking shows and cookbook. She is celebrated in this amazing exclusive porcelain Julia Child “French Cooking” Limoges box cookbook which is beautifully hand-painted with Julia’s image busy whipping up an amazing meal in her kitchen. Her famous phrase “Bon Appetit” is inscribed inside. You can almost hear it with her unforgettable deep voice. Inside the Limoges are Julia’s main ingredient – butter – as well as a tiny metal whisk. A delight to add to any collection.

Julia Child "French Cooking" Cookbook, an Exclusive Limoges box by Beauchamp |

Stove Oven with Pots

Stainless steel appliances are the modern conveniences of the 21 st century kitchen. And who wouldn’t like to have a Stainless Steel Stove Oven Limoges box to represent their modern kitchen? The shiny miniature Stove Oven is hand-painted all over with chrome with great detailed designs. Two copper pans sit atop the stove. As with many Limoges boxes, this one comes with a tiny open Cookbook which is beautifully hand-painted. This exclusive Limoges box is a real treat for any Limoges collector.

Stainless Steel Stove Oven, an Exclusive Limoges box by Beauchamp |

Beauty and the Beast

Tale as old as time … the French fairytale story of a young woman finding the man of her dreams in an enchanted castle has touched the hearts of many throughout the centuries. This charming story is beautifully represented in an exclusive, greatly-detailed and hand-painted Beautyand the Beast book Limoges box with an image of the Beauty and the Beast dancing in the castle’s great hall. The magnificent hand-painting is carried inside the Limoges as well with a detailed painting of the famous enchanted Red Rose under a glass dome. Also inside is a porcelain cup and saucer, representing Chip, the beloved character of the little boy turned into a cup by the enchantress.

Beauty and the Beast, an Exclusive Limoges box by Beauchamp |

Box of Crayons

Crayons are a symbol of creativity and happy childhood memories of being care-free. This exceptional exclusive Box of Crayons Limoges box by Beauchamp is a true masterpiece, with vivid colors and fantastic 3-D shadings, it exemplifies a real box of crayons. Beautifully hand-painted by master artisans, The Limoges box features handsome images of crayons on all sides. Inside are four removable porcelain colored crayons that can be displayed next to the Limoges or left inside as a surprise.

Box of Crayons, an Exclusive Limoges Box by Beauchamp Limoges |

Box of Cereal with Fruits

This fantastic exclusive Limoges box is for all collectors who are health food enthusiasts. With great detailing, the Limoges box features a Box of Cereal with fruits and nuts. The front of the Limoges is painted with an image of a bowl of cereal surrounded by nuts and fruits. Inside are four hand-made porcelain pieces: 2 Cereal Flakes, 1 Almond and 1 Berry. This spectacular Box of Cereal with Fruits Limoges box makes a delightful addition to any Limoges collection.

Cereal with Fruits & Nuts, an Exclusive Limoges Box by Beauchamp Limoges |

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