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Give the Best Easter Day Surprise with a Rochard Limoges

Give the Best Easter Day Surprise with a Rochard Limoges
By Vida Cunningham March 16, 2018 No comments

Easily held in the palm of your hand, Rochard Limoges boxes are the essence of handcrafted, miniature artistic beauty. While these vintage Limoges boxes were originally created to hold snuff, candies, love notes, and other small trinkets, over the years they have served as symbols of their time. Nowadays, Rochard Limoges boxes are collector’s items that represent special occasions, moments in time, and holidays. These boxes can also be purchased as decorative pieces to be proudly displayed around the home or in the office.

Are you looking for an unforgettable Easter Day surprise filled with meaning? You’ve come to the right place. It’s here at Limoges Collector where you can find delightful Rochard Limoges. From boxes that feature an additional removable porcelain trinket to ones featuring a special personalized message, we’re highlighting some ideas that will make great surprises from the Easter Bunny. Continue reading on to learn all about Rochard Limoges and Easter Day surprises that will more than impress.

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About Rochard Limoges

The Rochard name has been known in the Limoges community since 1973. Every box created is stamped with this name and signifies vibrant hand-painting artwork, excellent craftsmanship, original and unique designs, and carefully selected hinges that are attached by hand. And those are just some of the characteristics that make Rochard Limoges one of the most prestigious brands of current and vintage Limoges boxes. Both collectors and admirers know and recognize the luxury and fine detailing seen in these boxes - it’s truly impeccable.

What Makes Rochard Limoges So Special

Creating the highest of quality Limoges boxes, at Rochard, they are known for their intricate details seen in all of their boxes. They are also known for being on the cutting edge of introducing new designs. It’s also Rochard that was the first Limoges box brand to incorporate the idea of finding small treasures inside, which are just some of our favorite reasons why we love, sell, and recommend Rochard Limoges boxes for Easter Day surprises!

4 Perfect Surprises from The Easter Bunny

What can help make Easter extra special this year? Forget the extra sweet treats in the basket and Easter egg hunts. This year surprise your friends and family members with a Limoges box that holds both an extra special message and meaning - we know that they will love the cute and thoughtful sentiment!

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Rochard Limoges With Small Trinkets

If you’re looking to create an even bigger Easter day surprise, a Limoges box filled with a hand-painted porcelain trinket inside will certainly do the trick! And you’re in luck, we offer a range of Rochard Limoges that offer these small surprises. For those fashionistas, we have flowered designer hat boxes with beautiful removable porcelain hats. We also feature boxes for those with select interests, hobbies, and tastes such as tea cups and heart-shaped flowered boxes filled with chocolate.

Looking for a present within a present? We have Limoges egg boxes that act as perfume and cologne chests. Most even come with breathtaking small bottles that you can fill up with favorite scents - perfect for both men and women who enjoy smelling nice.

Egg Perfume Limoges Box |

No matter what Rochard Limoges you choose to get, each small trinket is the perfect accompaniment that can be displayed outside the box.

Rochard Limoges Classic Boxes

There are also a variety of traditional vintage Limoges boxes from Rochard. From floral and frog heart-shaped boxes to baskets filled with flowers to butterfly Limoges boxes to Limoges egg boxes, each of these spring-inspired Rochard Limoges makes the perfect case for a personalized Easter surprise. Whether you choose to place jelly beans, a note from the Easter Bunny, money, or another small token of appreciation, these boxes are the perfect twist to traditional Easter eggs. While we recommend that you don’t actually hide these boxes for an Easter egg hunt, they do make quite a statement (and are perfect to be placed) in an Easter basket.

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Unique Rochard Limoges

Our collection also features retired, rare, and specialty boxes. If you’re looking for an extra special gift, try buying one of our retired vintage Limoges boxes. There’s nothing more special than the sentiment of gifting a retired and rare box. Just knowing that those boxes aren’t actively made anymore adds another layer to the surprise and thoughtfulness.

Floral Heart Pendant Limoges Box |

Another Limoges box that acts as a great surprise is one of Rochard’s pendants. These lockets are a beautiful jewelry keepsake and a present that one can keep near and dear to their heart both physically and in spirit. Made with beautiful detailing and ornate clasps, these pendants also come with a silk cord for immediate wearing. With these Rochard Limoges boxes, the end receiver can proudly wear these intricate works of art around town while also displaying them in a prominent place in a jewelry box or glass case.

Personalized Vintage Limoges Boxes

In addition to the ones we’ve mentioned above, we do offer plenty more Rochard Limoges boxes. In fact, we have over 150 in our Rochard collection. Whether you choose one of the above Easter and spring-inspired Rochard Limoges or choose another one that’s tailored to the recipient’s interests, another great Easter Day surprise is to incorporate our personalization service.

No matter what the occasion may be, your gift will be much more meaningful if it has the extra surprise of a personalized touch. Adding a heartfelt message that’s hand inscribed on the inside of the Limoges box will truly make for such a wonderful gift with special meaning.

Personalized Message

From memorializing a special date or place to a short note filled with love or encouragement, all are perfect inscriptions that can be easily added to all vintage Limoges boxes. Plus, after your note is hand inscribed, we cold glaze the piece so your message with be captured forever.

And there you have it, perfect Easter Day ideas that make for great surprises. For even more gorgeous vintage Limoges boxes, hop on over to our Limoges miniatures page to find the perfect box.

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