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Guide to Top 5 Luxury French Collectibles Shoppers Choose

Guide to Top 5 Luxury French Collectibles Shoppers Choose
By Vida Cunningham August 25, 2017 No comments

Top 5 Luxury French Collectibles That Most Appeal To Collectors

Throughout the centuries, France has been known for producing many art forms crafted by highly skilled artisans. Such art forms continue to be created in the tradition of old and are highly sought-after worldwide.

For those who appreciate objects of beauty and enjoy adding them to their collections and home décor, French art pieces offer a great element of beauty and sophistication. From the variety of well-known collectibles crafted in France, the following five stand out from the rest.


For many centuries, woven tapestries have graced the walls of palaces and castles throughout Europe. These elegant art objects not only beautified the interiors of these magnificent structures, but provided wall coverings to keep out the cold.

Antique French Tapestry

The tradition of tapestry making continues to this day in France. The town of Aubusson in central France is famous for its historic tapestries that continue to be woven using the centuries old methods. Tapestries are made in various sizes from small to very large to bring a touch of European elegance to any décor. A great variety of topics are used in tapestry making. Many works of art and historical events are woven with magnificent detailing. You can find tapestries with classic floral motifs, nature scenes, birds and many modern art styles to fit your home or office décor.


The Limousine area of central France is world-famous for its porcelain production. The city of Limoges is actually considered the porcelain capital of France. Since the late 1700s when kaolin, the most important ingredient for porcelain making, was first discovered in the area, the creation of beautiful pure white porcelain took off in the region. Various small factories and workshops opened up throughout the Limousine region, crafting the highly sought-after porcelain, and decorating them with exquisite hand-painted images. Limoges porcelain became the rage of Paris as well as all of Europe and beyond.

French Limoges boxes, exquisite miniature art pieces by Beauchamp Limoges |

Today, the spectacular art of porcelain creations continues in Limoges in the tradition of old. Various objects, such as tableware, vases and decorative arts as well as the world-famous Limoges box miniature art pieces continue to seal the hearts of shoppers and collectors.

Sevres Porcelain

Museum quality and palatial elegance are terms that describe Sevres porcelain well. The factory, established in the mid-1700s at Sevres, near Paris, became the preeminent porcelain manufacturer in Europe. In 1759, Louis XV who was a great admirer of the porcelain artistry became the sole owner of the factory, where all of the decorative arts and tableware of his residence, the palace of Versailles, were produced. Sevres porcelain decorated and graced palaces, castles and manor houses of the nobility throughout Europe.

Sevres Large Centerpiece

During the tumultuous events of the French revolution, the factory ceased to be the royal enterprise, and the loss of much of its upper class clientele was a result. Amazingly, the factory survived these difficult times and in the early 1800 had a renewed resurgence. Today, Sevres porcelain maintains its production of exquisite museum quality hand-painted tableware and decorative arts that are esteemed and collected worldwide.


The art of glass making goes back to the Roman times in 2nd century BC. The ancients created beautiful works of art made from molten glass that are greatly admired even by today’s standards. Beautiful works of art continue to be made in various countries to captivate every beholder.

Lalique floral vase

France is famous for exceptional decorative glass and crystal. Works by the famous makers such as Rene Lalique, Antonin Daum and Bacarat Crystal are known and admired worldwide. From art nouveau perfume bottles, mesmerizing figurines and decorative art vases and other beautiful objects, France’s crystal and art glass and are greatly admired and sought-after collectibles and add great beauty and elegance to any décor.

Stained Glass

From the renowned windows at Notre Dame de Paris, the most famous cathedral in France, to Notre Dame de Reims, Sainte Chapelle in Paris, Saint-Etienne Catheral in Bourges, and the list goes on, the awe-inspiring stained glass windows attract a great many admiring visitor every year. Biblical scenes, represented in hand-cut and hand-painted glass combines the grandeur of architecture of France’s famous cathedrals with the delicacy of breath-taking colored glass windows.

Stained Glass Divider

The lost art form of stained-glass, which adorns many of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world, is being kept alive by select artisans in Limoges, France. Stained glass continues to be produced in Gothic, Classical and Art Nouveau in artists’ workshops both to maintain the windows of various cathedrals, as well as making them available for purchase by art enthusiasts and collectors. Whether used for a special built-in window in home or as a stand-alone art piece, French stained glass is a mesmerizing art form with timeless beauty.

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