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How They Celebrate Easter In France ~ Limoges Boxes Commemorating Easter

How They Celebrate Easter In France ~ Limoges Boxes Commemorating Easter
By Kiyon Benas March 22, 2018 No comments

Easter Limoges Boxes

Joyeuses Pâques (Happy Easter)!

France, the birthplace of Limoges, has many Easter traditions. Easter is widely celebrated with iconic imagery commemorating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. While Easter decor can come in many forms, antique Limoges boxes are one of the more popular options. This French decor is richly detailed to bring any scene or character to life. In addition to the religious themes of the holiday, these antique Limoges pieces may also feature Easter characters, such as rabbits and chicks, or the popular decorated egg. Discover how Easter is celebrated in France along with a variety of Easter Limoges boxes that commemorate Easter. These charming new and out-of-production Limoges boxes provide a plethora of collectible, decorative and gift styles to commemorate and celebrate Easter.

Easter Limoges Boxes |

Easter Limoges boxes portraying the Last Supper and Crucifixion of Christ as well as a country church make the perfect collectibles for Easter.

90% of the French population is Roman Catholic, which is why each city, village or town has a church. On the Thursday before Good Friday, all the church bells are silent to acknowledge Jesus' death. Then, on Easter morning, the bells ring out again in celebration of the Resurrection, declaring that Jesus is indeed risen and alive again. In some villages, rejoicing breaks out in the town when they hear the bells ring, much like when we celebrate the New Year.

Country Church Limoges Box with Bible | LimogesCollector.comThe Holy Bible with Stained Glass Jesus Limoges Box |

A magnificent jeweled Holy Bible with greatly detailed images of the risen Christ stained glass and a beautiful country church Limoges boxes are the perfect religious memorabilia for Easter and all occasions.

Easter morning is a happy time for children who wake to look for colorfully decorated Easter eggs (les oeufs de Pâques) hidden in their homes, yards, and playgrounds. While we use decorated hard boiled eggs for these hunts in America, the French usually use small, un-ornamented chocolate eggs.

Hand-Painted Floral Easter Egg with Bunny Rabbit Limoges Box | LimogesCollector.comEaster Egg-Hunt Bag with Chick and Colored Eggs Limoges Box |

Easter Egg-Hunt Limoges boxes make colorful and fun additions to any Easter decor

A few games that are played as part of Easter celebrations involve raw eggs. In one scenario, competitors roll their eggs down a slight slope, and the unharmed egg is declared victorious, symbolizing the stone that was rolled away from Jesus' tomb. Children also play a game where raw eggs are tossed into the air and the first child to drop and break his egg is the loser, and must pay a penalty such as sharing Easter candy with their brothers or sisters.

Monet Mother and Child Hand-Painted Egg Limoges Box | Easter Egg with Bunny Rabbits Limoges Box | Easter Egg with Pastel Colors Limoges Box |

Children are not the only ones who have all the giddy excitement on this holiday, as Easter is the perfect time of year for master chocolatiers to display and celebrate their over-sized ornamental delicious treats in candy shops. As a result of their great attention to detail and years of practice, these beautiful chocolate eggs look more like works of art than something to be eaten. They are truly awe inspiring, and many people enjoy passing the candy shop windows as if they are at a museum or art exposition.

Easter Egg Basket Limoges Box |

In addition to the sweets, French families often enjoy a very special home cooked meal on Easter Sunday. After a light appetizer (like quiche, soup, or salad) the main course is served, which is typically a lamb dish. Following the main course, everyone enjoys wine, cheese, and baguettes. And lastly, Easter dinners are finished with a chocolaty dessert. The French Easter dinners are always appetizing and colorful, and are meant to be enjoyed slowly.

Lamb in the Meadow Limoges box | LimogesCollector.comWine, Cheese & French Bread Picnic Basket Limoges Box | LimogesCollector.comDessert Tray under Glass Limoges Box |

These beautiful Limoges boxes from highlight the cultural customs that take place in France and around the world as we make Easter a memorable time each year. Make your Easter a special one to remember with a French Limoges box keepsake, as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, family, and new beginnings. We wish a “Joyeuses Pâques” (Happy Easter) to you all wherever you spend your holiday.

Explore the variety of Limoges boxes at

Easter Egg Carton Limoges box by Beauchamp Limoges | LimgoesCollector.comEaster Bunny Limoges box by Beauchamp Limoges | Easter Egg Carton Limoges Box by Beauchamp Limoges  |

We wish a “Joyeuses Pâques” (Happy Easter) to you all, wherever you spend your holiday.

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