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Limoges Boxes from France to Impress Your Mom This Mother's Day

Limoges Boxes from France to Impress Your Mom This Mother's Day
By Vida Cunningham April 5, 2018 No comments

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s never too early to start searching for that perfect gift to impress mom! This year, surprise mom with a memorable gift that she will truly appreciate and cherish for years to come.

It’s always fun to commemorate a favorite holiday or have a reminder of your dream destination with our Limoges boxes. France is a romantic travel spot in itself, and it’s where these beautiful collector’s items got their start. Originally used as snuff boxes by royalty, nowadays Limoges trinket boxes can be used in a variety of ways.

Available in a variety of styles and themes, you’re bound to find a box that matches your mom’s tastes and interests. These beautiful Limoges boxes are not only stunning pieces of artwork that one can proudly display, but they also serve as the perfect box to hold a small memento. Whether that be a small note of thanks, jewelry, or candy, all of our Limoges boxes made in France can hold an extra special gift inside.

Here at Limoges Collector, we offer a collection dedicated to moms. Below we’re highlighting some of our most popular boxes that will more than impress any mom!

Celebrate Mother's Day with an impressive Mother Daughter Gift

There's a special bond between mother and daughter with a relationship and love that is quite unique. A gift that celebrates this close bond, one that appreciates all the love and sacrifice that mom has shown time and time again, is one that will really touch mom's heart. When you think back, I am sure you can think of so many things your mother has done that went unnoticed and unappreciated. Our wonderful array of Mother's Day Limoges box gifts provides the perfect gift to make mom really feel appreciated and loved.

Mother Daughter Limoges Box for Mother's Day by Beauchamp |

This spectacular Limoges box is a miniature masterpiece portraying a mother embracing her young daughter. The Limoges box is masterfully hand-painted throughout and embellished with 24K Gold designs. The inscription "To A Wonderful Mother" makes this exquisite art piece the perfect gift for Mother's Day or for any occasion.

Give the Gift of Everlasting Flowers

Who doesn’t love flowers? More importantly, who wouldn’t want a bouquet of flowers that lasts forever? Our luxury Limoges trinket boxes come in a variety of flower and floral styles. From roses and tulips to daisies and orchids, and everything in between, we have the perfect box that your mom will l-o-v-e !

Bouquet of Red Roses Limoges Box by Beauchamp |

Embrace Mom’s Green Thumb

While similar to our lovely bouquet of flower Limoges boxes, we also have a wide selection of gardening-themed boxes. Instead of getting your hands dirty this Mother’s Day, let your mom celebrate her garden with one of our Limoges trinket boxes. From a garden shed with plants and a hat to garden tools with rubber boots, these are just two delightful keepsakes mom will love.

Tell Mom “I Love You” in a Unique Way

Nothing will say “I Love You” more than a Limoges heart box. Available in a variety of styles, our collection will have just the right one for your mom. Some of our more popular Limoges heart-shaped boxes include designs with flowers, butterflies, and ladybugs. We even have boxes shaped like a box of chocolates and perfume holders – both of which go hand-in-hand with Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day Heart Limoges Boxes |

Cook Your Way into Mom’s Heart

Whether your mom is a baker or cook, or if you are, look no further than our food-themed Limoges boxes. Perfect to appreciate culinary creations, these Limoges trinket boxes come in every style imaginable from cookbooks to cooking utensils and kitchen appliances to fruits, vegetables, and prepared food. They all feature breathtaking details that will bring a smile to mom’s face.

Julia Child Cookbook Limoges Box by Beauchamp |

Show Mom How Much She Means to You

One of our favorite brands is Beauchamp Limoges. Featured in this collection are Limoges boxes that are luxurious in style and detailing, high-quality, and truly exceptional miniature works of art. Featuring the Stonehenge Monument, Beauty and The Beast, and many more, nothing will bring more joy to your mom this Mother’s Day than a specialty Limoges box from France from our Beauchamp Limoges collection.

Dance (or Sing) Your Way into Mom’s Heart

For the music-loving or dancer mom, she will fall in love with our lovely Limoges boxes in our music and dance as well as art collections. Looking for a beautiful hand-painted grand piano? How about a specific instrument such as a guitar or the trumpet? We have those and plenty more that will more than delight!

Piano Limoges box by Beauchamp |

If the ballet or famous artists are more your mom’s style, we have those as well. From Monet to Renoir to Van Gogh, we offer a great selection of miniature masterpieces that are replicas of famed artists’ works.

Go on a Shopping Spree for Mom

There’s no time like the present to splurge and buy mom a Limoges box that’s fit for her inner fashionista! From beautiful Paris-fashion-inspired purses to shoe boxes filled with beautiful shoes, all will hit the mark. This collection also features purses, shoes, shopping bags, dresses, luggage, and other fashion accessories such as makeup and jewelry.

Fashion Limoges Boxes for Mother's Day |

Mother’s Day-Inspired Surprises

Our last highlighted collection will melt the heart of any mom. All of the Limoges trinket boxes featured in this collection are mom-inspired, and including special mother-and-daughter Limoges boxes, a note card addressed “to my dear mom,” and so much more.

To My Dear Mom Envelope Limoges Box |

Create an Unforgettable Gift with a Special Sentiment Inside

Once you’ve chosen the right Limoges box from France for your mom, nothing will make that gift more impressive than adding a personalized message. While the length of your inscription will be determined by the box you choose, any message — whether it’s a name, date, or a few words — will truly make your gift special. Our personalization process is very simple and can be completed the same day that you place your order. All you have to do is type in your desired personalization message in the designated space in each product page or during the check-out process and your Limoges box will be hand-inscribed forever.

Another Reason Limoges Box France Will Impress Mom

No matter what box you choose to buy for mom, you’ll be giving a magnificent art piece, each featuring hand-painted designs and fine detailing. Plus, most of our Limoges trinket boxes feature either another small painting on the inside or a small removable porcelain piece, both of which enhance the special meaning behind these boxes.

This list could even continue on, as we also offer exquisite miniature art pieces dedicated to literature, animals, travel, and so much more. You can browse our entire Limoges boxes here. Whichever Limoges box you choose to buy for mom this Mother’s Day, we know that she will be more than impressed!

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