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Limoges Boxes, Perfect Souvenirs to Remember Paris By

Limoges Boxes, Perfect Souvenirs to Remember Paris By
By Vida Cunningham April 15, 2017 No comments

Paris Limoges Boxes, Perfect Souvenirs to Remember Paris By

Ahhh, Paris … the city of lights! Now that you have visited this amazing city with its great charm, magnificent architecture and world-famous museums, and tasted the famous French cuisine, of course you would want to take home a memento or two to remember your wonderful trip by. There are many souvenir shops in Paris, especially near all the famous landmarks. But rather than an inexpensive souvenir, wouldn’t you prefer to bring home a beautiful keepsake that you can be proud to display for all to see?

Objects that represent places you have traveled to can greatly enhance and give character to the décor of your home. An exquisite and very French porcelain Limoges box that represents your trip to Paris, not to mention any of your other travels, is sure to bring back the great memory of this great city and be a worthy and wonderful conversation piece.

Limoges boxes are made in a wide variety of shapes and forms and there are a great many styles that can beautifully represent any aspect of your Paris visit. As a matter of fact, travel Limoges boxes make the perfect and memorable souvenir for travel to any destination. Below are just a few examples of keepsakes relevant to Paris for your collection.

The Eiffel Tower

Built for the Paris Exposition of 1889 to celebrate the science and engineering achievements of its age, the Eiffel Tower has become an unmistakable symbol of Paris and everything French. Every Paris memorabilia must include an Eiffel Tower. Many Limoges box styles are exquisitely crafted to celebrate this artistic symbol that evokes the charms of Paris to every beholder. Beautifully hand-painted in various colors and styles, you can find the perfect Eiffel Tower Limoges boxes that would make you nostalgic every time you look at it.

Eiffel Tower Limoges boxes make perfect Paris Souvenirs |

Paris Opera

Whether or not you attend a performance at the Paris Opera, visiting this magnificent 19 th century architectural masterpiece is truly awe-inspiring. With its breath-taking staircase and masterpiece paintings throughout, the Opera equals the best of the European palaces. A porcelain Limoges box celebrating the Paris Opera is one of our favorite Paris Limoges boxes and a must-have keepsake to memorialize this fantastic Paris landmark.

Paris Opera Heart with Ballet Shoes Limoges Box |

Louvre Museum

The Louvre Museum with its glass pyramid is another definite must-see landmarks of Paris. Starting as a castle, then a palace and now a grand museum, the Louvre houses many of the world’s famous art and sculptures, including Micheal Angelo’s smiling Mona Lisa. A Limoges box representing the Louvre should also be on your list of must-have Paris keepsakes and one that you will treasure always.

Louvre Museum Pyramid and Mona Lisa Painting Limoges Box |

Notre Dame Cathedral

The most iconic church in France, Notre Dame de Paris was made even more famous as the background for the famed “Hunchback of Notre Dame” by Victor Hugo. Made into multiple productions and movies, even one by Disney, the cathedral, situated in the center of Paris, draws great crowds year-round. This beautiful church with its double bell-towers and awe-inspiring stained glass windows is a marvel to see. Many styles of Limoges boxes are crafted to represent the Notre Dame and many of them include Quasimodo as an added accessory piece.

Notre Dame Cathedral with Quasimodo Limoges Box |

The Red Tour Bus

One of the best ways to see the main attractions and landmarks of Paris is with a hop-on-hop-off tour bus. This tour bus allows you great ease to spend as much or as little time as you wish in any of the sites. These red tour buses have become an icon of Paris and other major tourist destinations. A Red double-decker tour bus with open top Limoges box will cheerfully memorialize the memorable Paris bus tour.

Paris Red Tour Bus Limoges Box |

Cafés and restaurants

Every Paris visit includes (or, must include) a coffee and croissant, or other eye-catching and mouth-watering pastries at a sidewalk café, as well as the experience of French cuisine at any of Paris’ restaurants. A cuisine-related collectible Limoges box is absolutely the perfect souvenir to bring back the taste of France with every glance.

French Restaurant Pig Menu Limoges Box |

Paris Shopping

A fashion hot spot on the world’s stage, Paris offers the latest in fashion and beauty. For many visitors and tourists, shopping is a definite “must” when visiting Paris. Whether it is from the high-end stores on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées or small boutiques, purchasing a purse, pair of shoes or an article of clothing from the world’s center of fashion is an unforgettable experience. A Paris shopping Limoges box will keep the memory alive for all time.

Paris Shopping Dress and Shoes Limoges Box |


The French take chocolate-making very seriously. In Paris, you see a great many specialty chocolatiers who offer melt-in-your-mouth delicious gourmet chocolates of every kind. Yes, you should definitely try a sampling of the famous Parisian chocolates and take some home. A porcelain Limoges box shaped as a box of chocolates will also deliciously memorialize the gourmet sweets and keep the delicious taste of Paris chocolates on your palette as well as on your mind.

Box of Chocolates from Paris Limoges Box |

Find just the perfect Paris-related Limoges box souvenir from among our extensive selection of French Limoges boxes.

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