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Limoges Cat Boxes That are Just Purr-fect for Mom

Limoges Cat Boxes That are Just Purr-fect for Mom
By Vida Cunningham March 29, 2018 No comments

As cat lovers ourselves, finding holiday gifts for moms who love cats is one of our favorite things. And one gift that any cat owner will love is a Limoges cat box. Exquisitely hand-painted by some of the best artists in the Limoges region of France, Limoges cat boxes are a great way to honor these friendly and adorable felines while making mom smile.

Cat with Kitty Cat Limoges Box |

Featuring over 50 cat and kitten Limoges boxes, our authentic collection of these tiny hinged boxes make for a great collector’s item or gift for any cat-loving mom. From Persian cats to black cats to holiday and specialty-themed cat boxes, they all showcase feline fun in frisky or angelic poses.

While we know that you’ll fall in love with any one of our Limoges cat boxes, below are six that will make the purr-fect gift for mom for Mothers Day or any special occasion.

Why Are Limoges Cat Boxes The Purr-fect Gift?

First, these miniature masterpieces are just the perfect gift as they make one of the best ways to add elegance to any home’s decor. All of our Limoges boxes are hand-crafted, individually hand-painted and hand-fitted with ornate metal work and some even include 24K gold embellishments and small surprises on the inside. Whichever Limoges cat box you choose, we know that you’ll find that each is truly a beautiful, unique and an original work of art.

Second, because they are hand-painted, they are a unique gift to give. Crafted from the finest French porcelain, all Limoges cat boxes we offer are 100% authentic, which is evident in the look, feel, and insignia bearing the artist’s hallmark as well as price. Considered to be luxury collector’s items, it’s no wonder why these adorable cat boxes are the purr-fect investment.

Cat in a Bag Limoges Box by Beauchamp Limoges |

Third, our Limoges cat boxes come in a variety of styles fit for all cat lovers. In addition to their playful poses, many of our Limoges cat miniatures have tiny porcelain removable pieces. Not only does this add to their charm but they act as an even bigger surprise when opening the box. We know that no matter what Limoges cat box you choose to buy for your mom, you’ll receive a classic, one-of-a-kind, elegant piece of artwork.

Cats Playing on Chaise Limoges Box |

6 Purr-fect Limoges Cat Boxes

Want to find a great gift for your cat-loving mom? Forget the traditional cat mugs and cat jewelry and surprise your mom with a beautiful hand-painted French Limoges cat box. We know that this gift will hold a special meaning and sentiment.

Classic & Traditional

Are you looking for a Limoges cat box that looks just like your mom’s feline companion? You’re in luck! Our collection features black cats, white cats, Siamese cats and everything in between. You’ll also find cats curled into a ball, elegantly standing, and other classic cat poses — so you can find the one that reminds you of little Smokey or Buttercup.

Playful & Frisky

As cat owners and lovers, we all know what it’s like to raise those furry, frisky kittens. So of course, our Limoges cat box collection also features boxes representing the playfulness and innocence of kittens. Choose a box with kittens playing with balls of yarn, chasing a mouse, exploring an outdoor scene, or even resting inside of a shoe (why do those bags and shoes always make good toys and comfy beds?) - any of these options is a purr-fect start to any Limoges box collection.

Kitty Cat Playing with Butterfly Limoges Box |

Pairs & Companions

Close with your mom? Nothing will make her heart melt more than with a Limoges cat box featuring a mom cat and kitten. We carry boxes with a cat carrying a kitten, a mom cat surrounded by babies, and a mom and kitten cuddling. Other options include cat duos, cats on a chimney, loving cats hugging, and two cats gazing at each other. These cute boxes are the purr-fect way to showcase the special connection you have with your mom.

Mama Cat with Kitten Limoges Box by Beauchamp |

Holiday & Celebration

Looking for a great holiday gift with feline flair? You’ve come to the right place. Our collection of Halloween Limoges boxes and Christmas Limoges boxes offer a great selection of holiday-themed boxes with cats. Will you choose a black cat on top of a spooky pumpkin? How about a cat in Santa’s hat? All are charming and have holiday-appropriate ornate metal work. Many of our cat Limoges boxes are made by the top Limoges brand, Beauchamp Limoges, which offers many original and unique Limoges styles made by the top artists in Limoges, France.

Halloween Cat Limoges Boxes |

Find a variety of adorable cats in our Halloween Limoges box collection

Cat inside a Santa Hat Limoges box |

You will find a great variety of Cat and Kitty Limoges box gifts in our extensive selection of Christmas Limoges Boxes

Artistic & Eccentric

If you’re looking for a funky feline to match your mom’s rock-n-roll style, we have those too! One of our favorites is a cool cat playing a guitar. With a shiny orange jacket and dark sunglasses, this Limoges cat box will be the coolest on the block! Plus, this cat stands atop a CD disc with musical note accents all over.

Rock-n-Roll Cat Playing Guitar Limoges Box |

For moms with more unusual and high-quality taste, we have a Limoges cat box in a Herend style. With a unique blue and white pattern, this box is also embellished with 24K gold. Inside is an exquisite hand-painted ball of blue yarn. The impeccable detail within this magnificent Limoges cat box will capture the heart of your mom.

In Memorandum

With cat ownership, it can be difficult to deal with the passing of our adorable family cats. An angelic Limoges cat box is the purr-fect way to memorialize a beloved cat. Featuring a saintly white cat with wings and a halo, this precious box even has a cute mouse on the inside - all giving the right sentiment to honor your mom’s beloved feline.

Angelic Cat Limoges Box |

Whichever Limoges cat box you choose to buy for mom, we know that it will not only be the purr-fect gift but she will treasure it for years to come.

Want to view our entire Limoges box collection? Chase your way over to the homepage to see our entire variety of more than 2,200 Limoges boxes.

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