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Limoges Heart Boxes & Gifts To Make Your Heart Sing

Limoges Heart Boxes & Gifts To Make Your Heart Sing
By Vida Cunningham March 22, 2018 No comments

Nothing is more thoughtful than a gift that has a special meaning. Whether you’re looking to give a present to family or friends or are treating yourself, our Limoges heart boxes will both delight and inspire. With Mothers Day just around the corner, our collection of Mothers Day Limoges boxes is brimming with gifts every woman will love.

From music-inspired all the way to Disney classics, we have the perfect box to make any heart sing in joy and happiness. And that’s not all, choosing a Limoges box means that you’re investing in a hand-crafted, unique, authentic piece of miniature artwork from the best artists in the Limoges region of France.

Limoges box Gifts that make your heart sing |

Below we’re highlighting some of our famous Limoges box collections that are sure to make your heart sing and soul smile.

Music & Dance

We’re starting out our list by featuring some of our favorite boxes in our music & dance collection. Whether you enjoy listening to music, play an instrument, or simply love the art of music making, we have just the right Limoges box for you.

Floral Piano Limoges box by Beauchamp |

Some of our famed Limoges trinket boxes are instrument-specific, and include accordions, acoustic and electric guitars, pianos, trumpets, a drum set, and many more. We even carry boxes that feature musicians playing a particular instrument such as a lady playing a harp, a cool cat guitar player, and a saxophone playing clown.

If dancing is more your style, we have great choices for you. For those who love the art of ballet, we have a few different Limoges heart boxes that feature ballet slippers and ballet dancers. If you are more mainstream in your dancing approach, this collection also includes framed pictures of dancing couples and a musical music box with a Palais Royal dancing theme.

Gold Heart, Paris Opera and Ballet Slippers Limoges Box |

Looking for a more traditional musical-themed Limoges box? We have those as well! From an old-fashioned radio to a Victrola gramophone to a music box in the shape of a grand piano, we know that this collection of Limoges heart boxes will make your heart sing.

Art & Paintings

Featuring over sixty Limoges boxes, our Art & Painting collection will surely have a box that will make you smile. Are you a lover of art or theatre? Do you collect artwork from famed artists? Or maybe you’re an artist yourself. Whatever the case may be, you’re bound to find the perfect Limoges box in this collection.

For the art, theatre, and cultural learners and lovers, we feature a variety of boxes that include ballet shoes on a Paris Opera themed box along with boxes featuring famous artwork such as a Claude Monet self-portrait, as well as Monet’s most famous “Water Lilies” painting, Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”, Klimt’s “the Kiss” and Degas’ “Ballet Dancers,” just to name a few - all perfect to help celebrate and cultivate your love of art.

Monet's Water Lily Painting on Easel Limoges Box by Beauchamp |

What are some of our other more popular Art & Painting Limoges boxes? We feature the birth of Venus by Botticelli, Lady At The Promenade by Renoir, and the statue of David atop a marble pedestal. And that’s just a few. We have a variety of other famed artwork and statues as boxes too.

Are you an accomplished artist or an up and coming one? Or do you know someone who is an artist? Our Limoges trinket boxes act as the perfect muse! Some of our favorites include an artist case with a paint brush designed by the famed Rochard Limoges, paint tubes that come in a variety of colors, and boxes that come in the form of colored pencils or crayons.

Film & Hollywood

From movie lovers to musical enthusiasts, our Film & Hollywood Limoges boxes are another collection that will melt your heart. We, of course, feature traditional Limoges boxes in the form of classic Hollywood icons including several director’s chairs, popcorn, cameras, and more.

We also sell Limoges boxes that represent different films. From the famed Forrest Gump bench with suitcase and box of chocolates to Dorothy’s ruby red slippers on the yellow brick road to the Titanic hitting an iceberg to Les Miserable-themed boxes. All of these will surely take you back into your favorite parts of the movies while leaving you singing all of your favorite songs.

Dorothy's Ruby Slippers Limoges box by Beauchamp |

There are also very rare and unique Limoges trinket boxes in this collection which include Star Wars Queen Amidala and Mr. Peanut.

Myth & Fairytales

Nothing will make your heart smile more than a Limoges box from your favorite myth or fairytale. Perfect for both adults and children, this collection features endless choices. We know that whichever one you choose will delight while taking you to that magical place of youth and innocence.

Become enchanted with one of our captivating carousel horse Limoges boxes. Featuring a variety of exquisite hand-painted designs, we have ones that are music boxes as well as ones that will make a crowning addition to any room or collection.

Carousel Horse Music Box Limoges |

Being good luck and representing a new year and new beginnings, we sell several Chinese dragons. With vibrant, stunning colors, these Limoges trinket boxes also represent happiness and immortality. One of our favorite aspects of these boxes is the beautiful intricate artwork that’s found on the inside.

This collection wouldn’t be complete without one of the most famous fairy tales: Cinderella. Featuring two iconic items from this tale, we have several magic coach Limoges boxes along with Cinderella’s glass slipper. Both representing the unknown and fantasy of a new life, these impeccable Limoges trinket boxes will more than resonate with your soul.

Disney (Rare & Retired)

Speaking of Disney’s Cinderella, our great selection also offers several other Rare & Retired Disney Limoges boxes. Do you have a favorite character? We have boxes with Donald Duck, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and Pluto. Plus, we also feature Mickey Mouse’s most famous characters such as Steamboat Willie and Fantasia.

Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie Limoges Box |

We also didn’t forget about characters from your favorite Disney princess movies. We feature several, including Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast, the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella, and the cottage from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Does Pinocchio or Scrooge McDuck resonate more with you? You’re in luck! We also have them in our Disney Limoges box collection.

Retired & Rare

Another category that will make your heart sing are boxes from our Retired & Rare collection. While this collection features over eight hundred various styles, one of our favorites is bird cages with birds. These magnificent boxes represent the magical tune that birds sing to attract mates. Each feature gold embellishments which adds to the overall elegance.

Another favorite is the Limoges heart boxes as they can have multiple meanings depending on various factors. Coming in a variety of styles, designs, and colors, these heart-shaped boxes are simply elegant.

Peacock Heart Limoges Box by Beauchamp |

We also love our amusement park-themed boxes. Why? Nothing will make your soul happier than reliving your childhood through bumper cars or traditional carnival rides. Whether you went to an amusement park every year or just dreamed of it, these rare and retired Limoges boxes will be treasured for years to come.

Travel & World

The last collection we’re highlighting is our most popular: Travel & World. These make the perfect travel keepsake to memorialize a special trip or vacation. Whether your travels take you to Hawaii, various U.S. cities or to Europe, Africa, Australia or Asia, you can find the perfect Limoges box to remember your trip by.

For those who love Paris, our fantastic selection of Eiffel Tower Limoges boxes as well as Paris monuments and landmarks will hit the spot.

Eiffel Tower Limoges boxes |

This collection also features more generic travel-themed boxes such as airplanes, suitcases, cameras, and globes. Our extensive selection has exquisitely hand-painted Travel Limoges boxes for any travel destination, near or far.

Of course, those are just a few of our Limoges trinket box collections. At Limoges Collector, we also sell sports-themed boxes, food and beverages boxes, and everything in between. Browse our entire inventory of over 2,200 Limoges boxes to find the one that will make your heart sing.

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