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Limoges Miniatures add Elegance to your Home Décor

Limoges Miniatures add Elegance to your Home Décor
By Vida Cunningham February 15, 2018 No comments

Elegance can be hard to nail down. Why? Because it doesn't necessarily draw attention to itself. Luckily, adding elegance to home décor is quite easy especially when one knows how to use the right items and accessories. Incorporating just a few elements can really help to build a room (and home) that’s comforting, welcoming, and elegant.

Of course, some of those elements can be found at any home goods store. Floor-to-ceiling drapes, beautiful area rugs, and pictures and mirrors all help to turn an ordinary room into extraordinary. But did you know that Limoges miniatures are another great way to add elegance to your home décor? Let’s have a look below at why these magnificent pieces should be part of your home décor, plus we’ll even reveal our favorite elegant Limoges trinket boxes.

Why do Limoges Miniatures add Elegance?

These miniature masterpieces are one of the best ways to add elegance. While the list is endless, below we’ve highlighted the main reasons why Limoges miniatures can add elegance to any room in your home.

Hand-painted Works of Art

Each Limoges box that we feature at Limoges Collector is meticulously hand-painted by top artists in Limoges, France, which you can see in the incredible detailing and bright colors that each box features. All of our boxes are also hand-fitted with ornate metal work and some even include 24K gold embellishments. Additionally, most of our Limoges porcelain boxes feature delicate and intricate artwork inside. Whichever box you choose to add to your home, you’ll find that each is truly a beautiful, original work of art.


Made from fine French porcelain, all of our Limoges miniatures are made from the best. From the ornate detailing in the design to the metal work, all of our Limoges porcelain boxes are 100% authentic, which you can tell in their look/feel, insignia, and in the price. After all, these collectors items are considered luxurious for a reason. Investing in one or more Limoges miniatures will help to turn your room from ordinary to elegant.

Variety of Styles

Featuring over 2,200 Limoges trinket boxes, it’s here where you will find the perfect box. Travel buff? Our paris-themed Limoges boxes are perfect for showcasing your love for travel while highlighting one of the most elegant cities in the world. Looking to add elegance for a special holiday? Ranging from more traditional ones such as Thanksgiving and Halloween to unique holidays (first day of spring), we have quite the range. Plus, we also have rare and retired Limoges trinket boxes as well as those from some of the top brands including Beauchamp Limoges and Artoria.

To add to their charm, many of our Limoges miniatures have one or more tiny porcelain accessory pieces that not only act as a surprise when opening the box but are also perfect to be displayed alongside the piece.

No matter what box you choose to buy, you’ll be adding a classic, one-of-a-kind piece that will add elegance to your home décor.

Where Should you Place Limoges Miniatures to Enhance Home Décor?

How can you use these beautiful Limoges trinket boxes to your advantage? It all comes down to room placement.

Living Room

Typically the living room is considered to be more formal and upscale than any other room in a house. This is ideal for a Limoges box as they are the perfect accent piece for a side table, bookcase, or china cabinet. They also make the perfect centerpiece where you can design the rest of your living room décor around it.

Decorate your living room with Limoges boxes from

Dining Room

Entertaining guests? Whether it’s for a holiday or special occasion, placing your Limoges box in the center of the table will not only create an elegant atmosphere but it will also spark conversation.


Nowadays there is a big emphasis placed on entranceways as they are no longer just a place to take off shoes and hang up coats. Entranceways serve as places to start conversations as well as teasing guests on what the rest of your home looks like. Enhancing your entranceway décor with a breathtaking Limoges box is a way to show guests your elegance (we also know that it will lead to quite a few compliments as well).

Other Places

We also recommend to place Limoges trinket boxes in offices (specifically on desks or by awards), in bedrooms, and in powder bathrooms.

Limoges boxes will add elegance to any room |

What Limoges Miniatures will add elegance?

Now that you know why, how, and where to place your Limoge box, which one do you choose? This is where we love to step in! While our collection is very large (and might be a bit overwhelming), you can choose a Limoges miniature to match your tastes, interests, or to match the room’s décor. Below are our recommendations on some of our most elegant Limoges porcelain boxes.

24K Gold & Rose with Crystal

Classic 24K Gold & Rose with Crystal Limoges Box |

This retired Limoges box is one of our most exquisite ones that we sell. Featuring 24K gold, intricate rose design, metal flower clasp, and shimmering French crystal base, seeing this beauty inperson is truly awe-inspiring. With vibrant yet soft colors, this classic-style box is the perfect enhancement forany room.

Antique Museum Quality Large Atelier Le Tallec Limoges Jewelry Chest

Antique Museum Quality Large Le Tallec Limoges Jewelry Chest |

Ultra rare, this box exudes magnificence. Circa 1958, this large cobalt blue antique is exquisitely hand-painted with a floral and bird design. While this Limoges chest is made for jewelry, it would also be a great addition to a side table in a living room.

Large Pink Rosebud

Large Pink Rosebud Limoges Box |

Who needs real flowers when you can place one of our delicate flower boxes as your main centerpiece. This enchanting, retired flower is made by Rochard, a top Limoges box artist. Featuring beautiful pink, burgundy, and greens, the attention to detail in this hand-painted box is quite astonishing. Complete with intricate metalwork and an ornate clasp, both help to make this box quite

elegant. Eiffel Tower Painting in Gold Frame

Eiffel Tower Painting in Gold Frame Retired Limoges Box |

Nothing is more elegant than the exquisite Eiffel Tower. Set as a painting, this retired box is complete with a gold frame, a metal easel, and two paint brush delicately painted on the inside. This collectable is perfect for those rooms that are Paris-themed or for those simply wanting a statement piece that will catch attention.

Whether you decide to buy one of the above Limoges miniatures or choose another one, each and every box you’ll find here on Limoges Collectors is truly impressive, unique, and unforgettable. If you’re looking to add elegance to your home décor, you’ve come to the right place. Browse our selection of Limoges miniatures today!