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Luxury Limoges Boxes for Sports Fanatics

Luxury Limoges Boxes for Sports Fanatics
By Vida Cunningham February 7, 2018 No comments

Ten Luxury Limoges Boxes Perfect for Sports Fanatics and Collectors

With the impending arrival of spring and summer just around the corner, there’s no doubt in our minds that sports fans are starting to celebrate! Not only does this spring season mean that Major League Baseball is back, but the NBA and NHL games will be starting soon and football season doesn’t seem so far away. Who’s ready for those summer night baseball games and all-day tailgating? We certainly are!

Whether you’re shopping for a specific holiday or are wanting to celebrate an occasion or win for a favorite sports team, you’ve come to the right place! Our Sports and Leisure Limoges boxes are a great gift for all sports fanatics. With more than 80 to choose from, we know that you’ll find the perfect Limoges box.

Need help in finding one?

Below we’ve compiled some top Limoges porcelain miniatures that are perfect for sports lovers. From baseball to golf to basketball, any of the below Limoges collectibles will create memorable gifts that will be cherished for years.

Baseball glove and ball

Baseball Glove with Baseball Limoges Box |

Perfect for baseball lovers and fans of all ages, this eye-catching and attractive Limoges box will have that sports fanatic smiling from ear to ear. The detailing in the glove design coupled with the baseball bat image on the inside and the hat and ball metal clasp truly makes this box a “home run” in our opinion. Whether you’re looking to celebrate the victory of the World Series or wanting to buy a great gift for a baseball fan, this box is certain to be nostalgic for anyone who receives it.

Baseball uniform, glove, and club on chair

Baseball Uniform, Ball, Glove and Bat Limoges Box |

What Limoges box should you give a current or former athlete? This one right here! Whether you’re buying this for a minor league, major league, or softball player, this Limoges box will delight them all. Featuring a uniform, baseball, glove, and club resting on a chair, this box represents the excitement and anticipation of the game. One of the reasons why we love this box is because of the message that is written inside. Opening this box, and you’ll see “I love baseball” inscribed to the bottom. Another reason to fall in love with this box is the star metal clasp. These small but significant details add even more sentiment to this gift.


Basketball Limoges Box |

He shoots, he scores! This basketball Limoges box is another ideal choice for all sports enthusiasts. This beautiful Limoges box is hand-painted to replicate a basketball and is adorned with intricate metalwork and an ornate clasp. This box is actually retired, and will soon be hard to find. Perfect to display next to trophies or to place on a desk filled with paper clips, this box will make a great addition for any sport lover.

7 iron golf club

Golf Club Limoges Box |

Another from our retired Limoges boxes collection, this box is ideal for anyone looking to show off their golf game! This eye-catching golf Limoges box has many aspects that your golfer will love. From the detailed painting of the green with the hole and flag on the inside to the “fairway” inscription on the back of the golf club, this box will inspire any golfer to swing their way into a hole-in-one.

Hockey player on ice

Hockey Player on Ice Limoges Box |

This handsome retired Limoges box is perfect for those thrill-seeking sport fanatics. Getting ready to shoot a goal, this box will allow the recipient to feel the thrill of those exciting moments that is felt in all sporting events. Complete with a goal net intricately drawn on the inside, bright colors and details, and ornate metal wrapping, giving this gift is a great way for all fanatics to honor their love of sports.

Football player quarterback

Quarterback Football Player Limoges Box |

Touchdown! Are you a lover of tailgating? Simply love the ambiance and experience that football brings? Or are you searching for a good gift for a diehard football fan? Regardless of who you’re buying for, you can’t go wrong with this Limoges box. This rare box is the perfect collectible for any sports fan. Plus, we love the little surprise of “American Football” inscribed on the inside.

Wimbledon tennis racket and case

Wimbledon Tennis Racket and Case Limoges Box |

Tennis lover? Serena and Venus Williams fans? Rising tennis star? This Limited-Edition Beauchamp Limoges box will be sure to inspire all tennis players This colorful box has innate detailing with inscriptions of the famed “Wimbledon” and “Roland Garrors”. Upon opening, you’ll be met with tennis balls flying out of a white tube along with a porcelain removable tennis racket.

Downhill skier

Downhill Skier Limoges Box |

Looking for a keepsake that will help celebrate the love for skiing? Whether you’re a skier, know someone who skis or simply love the winter Olympics, this Limoges box will certainly be a treasure. Our two favorite features of this box include the tree metal clasp and the delicately drawn pine trees on the bottom on the inside. Upon receiving this box, we know that it will take you back in time to when you last hit the slopes.

Cheerleader pom pom girl

Pom Pom Girl Limoges Box |

Being the first of two general sport Limoges boxes that we’re going to highlight, this cheerleader will certainly get you pumped up – just like they do in real life. We can just about hear the chants and swishing of the pom-poms. While this particular Limoges box is specific to basketball, any sport fanatic will love it as it represents the epitome of sporting events: rooting for your favorite team.

Multi-Sport Bear

Multi-Sports Bear Limoges Box |

Last but certainly not least, we’re highlighting this all-around sport bear. This must-have Limoges box is ideal for all sports lovers, even for those sports who didn’t make our list. Featuring a squash racket, archery bow and arrow, volleyball, boxing gloves, and so much more, this exceptional bear truly says it all! On top of that, this Limoges box has three different compartments making this ideal to store any small memento. If you’re not sure what Limoges box to get, this multi-sport bear is perfect.

Seeking a specific or unique sporting event? Our Sports and Leisure Limoges boxes also features soccer Limoges boxes, volleyball Limoges boxes, horseback riding Limoges boxes, race Limoges boxes, and more.

Why should you choose one of the above Limoges porcelain miniatures for the sports fanatic in your life? Buying a French Limoges box from means that you’re investing in a hand-crafted and hand-painted piece from some of the best artists from the Limousin region in France. Bearing the insignia of the artist and the region, all of the Limoges boxes that we sell are 100% authentic.

These Limoges collectibles make the perfect gift for anyone who plays or enjoys sports. Which one are you going to give the sports fanatic in your life?