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Chocolates Melt. Why Not Melt Mom's Heart Instead with a Personalized Limoges Box for Mother's Day?

Chocolates Melt. Why Not Melt Mom's Heart Instead with a Personalized Limoges Box for Mother's Day?
By Vida Cunningham May 5, 2018 No comments

If you’ve thought and thought and thought some more and still don’t know what to get your mom this Mother’s day, we have a gift idea your mom will absolutely love—a personalized French Limoges box. The craftsmanship of a Limoges box is so exquisite, it’s sure to please even the pickiest of moms.

What Makes a Limoges Box So Special?

A Limoges box is a gift like no other. Most Mother’s Day gifts you’ll find are mass-produced in Chinese factories. Our Limoges boxes, on the other hand, undergo a painstaking creation process by master artisans in Limoges, France. Each Limoges box is a labor of love that takes weeks to create.

Limoges boxes come in every shape and form for Mother's Day |

Limoges boxes come in every shape and style for a perfect Mother's Day Gift for mom.

First, the design is crafted, using only the finest Limoges porcelain, exclusive to the Limousine region in central France. Once the Limoges box has been created, a master artisan hand-paints on the first color before firing it. Because each paint color needs to be fired at a different temperature, this process can take weeks, as each color needs to be painted on and fired before the next one can be applied.

Each of these authentic miniature trinket boxes is imprinted with the artist’s insignia and many are hand-signed prior to the final firing.

But the craftsmanship doesn’t end there! Then, an ornate brass hinge is hand-cut, hand-crafted, and adhered by a specialist. This process is so intricate and difficult, it’s actually considered an art form. Some of the Limoges boxes even have hidden surprises within and 24K gold embellishments.

The entire process of creating a Limoges box requires such exacting detail and craftsmanship that each Limoges box can be said to be a miniature masterpiece.

However, the uniqueness of a Limoges box doesn’t end there. One thing that makes them even more special is a personalized message.

Food and Dessert Limoges Boxes - perfect Mother's Day Gifts |

Our collection of Culinary and Desserts Limoges boxes make just the perfect gifts for Mother's Day.

How Can a Limoges Box Be Personalized?

Not only is it easy to personalize a Limoges porcelain box, but personalization also makes for an extra-special Mother’s Day gift.

To personalize your Limoges Mother’s Day gift, first select a Limoges box that suits your mom’s unique taste from one of our thousands of Limoges box styles.

Once you’ve selected your Limoges box, enter your personalized message prior to checkout. You can commemorate the date, reference a special family saying, or just tell your mom how much you love her. Our artist will then hand-write the inscription with special ink before cold-glazing your Limoges box to make the inscription permanent.

That’s it! And because we do the personalization in-house, there’s no shipping delay if you decide to add personalization to your Limoges porcelain box. Frankly, we can’t think of a gift that’s more unique, heartfelt, and beautiful.

So, if you’re still searching for a special Mother’s Day gift for your mom, keep reading to see some of our most popular collections that have special mom appeal!

For the Mom with a Green Thumb

If your mom loves gardening, cultivating beautiful flowers, growing vegetables, or just enjoys her backyard, one of our many wonderful gardening Limoges boxes will make the perfect gift for her. Our beautiful selection of flowers and gardening-related Limoges boxes, watering cans, garden tools and the sweet little garden critters, created in colorful exquisite miniature art pieces will be sure to bring lots of joy to mom this Mother's Day.

Gardening Limoges Boxes make perfect Mother's Day Limoges Boxes |

For Culinary Moms

Does your mom love nothing more than spending time in the kitchen, whipping up a fresh batch of something yummy? If so, a culinary-themed personalized Limoges box will make a perfect addition to her home. We have a vast selection of Limoges porcelain boxes for cooks, bakers, and foodies. And if take-out is more your mom’s style, we even have Chinese take-out boxes, scrumptious-looking sushi rolls, bagels, and more! Take a look at our culinary-themed Limoges boxes.

Cooking and Culinary Mother's Day Limoges boxes - perfect Gift for mom |

Cooking and Culinary Mother's Day Limoges boxes make perfect Gifts for mom

For the Chic Mom

Fashionistas will absolutely love our adorable fashion and beauty-themed Limoges boxes. If your mom loves beauty, fashion, and shopping, this collection is not to be missed. We have Limoges boxes shaped like handbags, Bloomingdale shopping bags, lipstick cases, shoes, perfume, and nail polish. We even have a Limoges box resembling a credit card! No matter what your mom’s favorite beauty “weapon” is, we have a fashionable Limoges box that’s just right for her.

Fashion Limoges Boxes for the perfect Mother's Day gift |

For the Beach Lover

Does your mom love nothing more than a trip to the beach? Is she a fun-in-the-sun kinda gal? Then she’ll love our selection of tropical and beach-themed Limoges boxes. We have Limoges boxes that are perfect for the mom who can’t get enough water, sand, and sunshine. Some of our favorite designs include: beach bags, beach chairs, seashells, boats, sand pails, mermaids, and margaritas. Check out our tropical and beach-themed Limoges boxes.

Beach Bag with all the Essentials Mother's Day Limoges box |

For the Jet setter

If your mom’s favorite activity is globe-trotting, you’ll find the perfect personalized Limoges box for her in our travel collection. You can select a Limoges box featuring her favorite city, a camera, a suitcase, or even a cruise ship post card! Regardless of where she likes to travel, you’re sure to stumble across the perfect box that represents her wanderlust. For the ultimate in thoughtful, a personalized Limoges box featuring a special place you visited together makes a perfect Mother’s Day gift. Check out one of our 300+ travel-themed Limoges boxes.

Cruise Ship and Travel Limoges Boxes - perfect Mother's Day gifts |

For the Mom Who’s Your Best Friend

If your mom’s your best friend, nothing says “I love you” like a heart-shaped Limoges trinket box. These delicate heart-shaped miniature collectables present the perfect way for you to show mom how much she means to you. Our heart-shaped boxes come in a variety of styles sure to wow any mom, and some of them even have tiny trinkets inside! Take a look at our heart-shaped Limoges porcelain boxes.

Heart Limoges boxes make perfect Mother's Day Gifts |

For the Animal Lover

Animal-loving moms will go ape for our exotic wild animal boxes! And if domesticated animals are more to your mom’s taste, we have dogs and cats too. But that’s not all. We actually have hundreds of Limoges boxes featuring virtually any kind of animal you can think of—butterflies, rabbits, turtles, horses, fish, etc., etc., etc. Your mom will love a personalized animal-themed Limoges box for Mother’s Day.

Animals and Pets Limoges boxes - perfect Mother's Day Gifts |

For Any Moms We Missed

While the collections we highlighted cover some of our most popular Mother’s Day Limoges boxes, your unique mom might have an interest we didn’t mention. Fortunately, whatever your mom’s style or personal taste, we have a hand-crafted Limoges porcelain box that’s just right for her.

We actually carry thousands of 100% authentic Limoges boxes, featuring our exclusive, top-of-the-line Beauchamp Limoges brand.

Take a look at our complete collection of Limoges boxes! There’s sure to be a fine French collectable just perfect for your one-of-a-kind mom.

Order Your Personalized Limoges Box NOW to Ensure Arrival by Mother’s Day!

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