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Personalized Limoges Box Gifts top the Gift-Giving Charts

Personalized Limoges Box Gifts top the Gift-Giving Charts
By Vida Cunningham May 4, 2017 No comments

When it comes to gift-giving, no matter what the occasion, your gift will be much more impressive if it is personalized. As the famous saying goes, “It is really the thought that counts.” A beautiful and thoughtful gift with a heart-felt message inscribed inside, is sure to make a truly impressive and endearing present.

Of course, the quality of the gift itself and how well it matches the interests of the recipient is of great importance. An exquisite luxury hand-painted French Limoges box makes just the perfect gift for any occasion. Such a gift will be greatly appreciated, enjoyed and proudly displayed.

Limoges boxes are highly coveted miniature art pieces, crafted by select artisans in the Limousine area of central France. These charming objects are made in every shape and style imaginable, from the whimsical to the realistic, to appeal to every taste and style preference. A gift of a luxury Limoges box is one that would steal the heart of the recipient.

Even though magnificent art pieces are quite small, the majority of Limoges boxes have an area of the white porcelain exposed inside that allow for personalized text. Personalizing a beautifully hand-painted French Limoges box makes it a truly unique and one-of-a-kind gift.

Personalized Butterfly Limoges Boxes from

No matter what the occasion or the reason for gift-giving, you can find just the right Limoges box to perfectly fit the occasion. These exceptional miniature art pieces make the ideal gift for every special event, holiday or occasion. A personalized gift of a Limoges box with your special message inside makes a truly meaningful gift for the special people on your list – for the fashionistas, art aficionados, creative cooks, wine connoisseurs, literary enthusiasts, or for a wide variety of interests, a personalized gift will make them extra special.

For Birthdays

Your birthday wishes will be greatly appreciated with a stunning gift of a French porcelain birthday Limoges box shaped as a Birthday Cake or a Birthday Gift. Personalized with a special birthday wish or sentiments from you, shows the gift recipient how much you care.

Personalized Birthday Gifts Limoges Boxes at

Arrival of a New Baby

Congratulate the arrival of the new bundle of joy with an adorable Limoges box personalized with the name of the baby and the date of birth. Limoges boxes come in a variety of baby-themed styles and shapes, perfect for celebrating the arrival of the new baby boy or girl. Choose from a wide variety of baby Limoges boxes to perfectly suit this special occasion.

Personalized Baby Limoges Boxes at


Offer your best wishes to the happy couple with a magnificent hand-painted Limoges box gift that will be cherished for a lifetime. Personalize your gift with the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date for a truly memorable keepsake they will treasure always. Our great selection of wedding Limoges boxes offers various styles of Limoges boxes that will perfectly fit the occasion. From wedding cakes to bride and groom Limoges boxes, you are sure to find a wedding gift that will be a very memorable one.

Personalized Wedding Limoges Boxes at

Mother’s Day

Celebrating Mom’s special day becomes much more significant with a Limoges box gift that is sure to bring lots of ahhhs and oooohs. Choosing a beautiful Limoges box from our extensive selection of Mothers Day Limoges boxes and adding your personalized message will show Mom how much you love, appreciate and value her. Choose from any of Mom’s areas of interest, whether it is gardening, sewing, cooking, art, music, literature, travel or business, or any others, for an impressive and unforgettable personalized gift with your special message inscribed inside.

Personalized Flowers and Gardening Limoges Boxes at


A graduation gift of a personalized Limoges box is one that will impress the recipient. Celebrate his or her great achievement with a graduation-themed Limoges box, personalized with a meaningful message. In our varied selection of Graduation Limoges boxes, you can find the perfect gift that truly celebrates this momentous mile stone.

Personalized Graduation Limoges Boxes from


Holidays are the favorite times of the year for gift-giving and provide the perfect occasion to show our love and appreciation for others by giving worthy and memorable gifts.


Easter holds a special meaning in everyone's hearts as it is the celebration of the resurrection of Christ. As Easter and Springtime coincide, it provides a wonderful opportunity to decorate our homes for the change of seasons. Our exquisite collection of Easter Limoges boxes as well as Spring and Flowers Limoges boxes are packed full of elaborately detailed and beautiful hand-painted designs. Our Easter Bunny Limoges boxes, Easter Egg cartons and Easter Baskets are among the favorites for Easter home decor as well as gifts.

Basket of Easter Lilies Limoges Box by Beauchamp |


One of the favorite holidays for many, Halloween is the perfect time to decorate your home with spooky and fun decor. It is also the perfect occasion to give memorable Halloween gifts to loved ones. Our ever-growing collection of Halloween Limoges boxes that include many exclusive styles of Limoges boxes, offers the perfect groupings of colorful and hauntingly charming Limoges boxes that are just perfect for all ghosts and goblins.



The "Most Wonderful Time of the Year," Christmas is the perfect occasion to give meaningful gifts to friends and loved ones. With a plethora of Limoges styles to choose from, you can't go wrong with a personalized gift from any of our Christmas Limoges boxes. With such a wide variety of Santa Claus Limoges boxes, Christmas trees, Snowman Limoges boxes, Candy Canes, and all things Christmas, you are sure to find many Limoges box Christmas gifts that will become heirloom pieces, endeared for a lifetime and passed on to future generations. Personalizing each gift for such meaningful times of our lives makes them so much more precious, unique and memorable.

Personalized Christmas & Holiday Limoges boxes at


What better way to memorialize a special trip, vacation or a cruise than with a magnificent Limoges box keepsake. Those who enjoy travel or vacationing in various parts of the world, would love a worthy keepsake to memorialize each special occasion. Limoges boxes are made in a variety of shapes and travel-themed styles to represent monuments and landmarks from various countries around the globe as well as objects that represent travel and vacation. A personalized gift of a travel-themed Limoges box makes that trip or vacation so much sweeter and more memorable.

Personalized Travel-Themed Limoges Boxes at

It is now much easier than ever to buy personalized gifts online. Our website makes personalizing your Limoges purchase a breeze. With a click of button, you can choose to personalize any Limoges box right on each product page, type in your desired text and add your personalized product to your shopping cart. Our personalization service is performed by an artist in-house. Your desired text is inscribed by hand with a special ink specifically made for writing on porcelain and then cold glazed to make it indelible. This service is performed the same day as purchase so there is no delay in shipment of your gift purchase.

Browse our fantastic selection of over 2,200 exquisite Limoges box creations to find the perfect gift for any occasion. Then add your own sentiment to your selected Limoges box to create a truly unforgettable and meaningful gift that will greatly impress any recipient. For pricing information and more details, see Personalization.

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