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Sushi Or Not Sushi! A Fun Question For Limoges Collectors

Sushi Or Not Sushi!  A Fun Question For Limoges Collectors
By Kiyon Benas March 13, 2016 No comments

Sushi and Food Limoges Boxes for Limoges Collectors

If you are a fan of sushi and Limoges boxes , there are a variety of sushi-related Limoges shapes to highlight your collection with.

Sushi started in Southeast Asia when people began mixing fish and rice in order to preserve the seafood. Japan began doing the same around the 8 th century, and a series of creative experiments with various fish created a cuisine that is now as trendy as it is delicious. It gradually spread all over the world, and though it might take a while to get used to the taste of fish wrapped in vinegar-flavored rice and seaweed for a first-timer, there is definitely some magic to it.

Sushi Bar with Fish and Chef Hat Limoges Box | LimogesCollector.comSeafood Fish Basket Limoges Box |

Japanese food in general is quite healthy, revolving around a diet including rice, seafood and vegetables. The Japanese have always made a living from the sea, and they also are heavy producers of rice – they grow it everywhere. They even carve hillsides to make flat fields for growing it. Japan utilizes their resources together to form a practical and popular melding of flavors for an undeniably unique creation. It makes an excellent choice for the health conscious.

Rice Bowl with Chopsticks Limoges Box |

An Asian Rice Bowl Limoges box with Chopsticks is the perfect symbolic Limoges box for your Asian collection

Sushi is very convenient to eat, in its bite sized portions, and tightly wrapped preparation. To eat, the Japanese use two wooden sticks called chopsticks. Using chopsticks can be a tricky business if you don’t know what you are doing, but certainly a fun alternative to the Western fork. Just pop it into your mouth for a tasty explosion of distinct flavors combinations such as tangy rice, rich avocado, sweet mayonnaise, nutty sesame seeds, sweet-and-sour teriyaki sauce, and the fish of your liking (i.e. crab, tuna, yellowtail, eel, …) There are so many varieties, you are bound to find some quick favorites.

Salmon Sushi Limoges Box | Veggie Sushi Limoges Box |
These Sushi Limoges boxes look very realistic -- almost good enough to eat!

Today you can find sushi sold almost anywhere; sports stadiums, convenience stores, or four star restaurants. And that is just the edible kind. This compact treat is so easily recognized and appreciated that you can even find magnets, toys, shower curtains, and, yes, Limoges boxes that celebrate this unique dish.