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Tips on Decorating Your Home With Unique & Collectible French Limoges boxes

Tips on Decorating Your Home With Unique & Collectible French Limoges boxes
By Vida Cunningham September 29, 2017 1 comment

Decorate your home with your treasured Limoges box collectibles

Adding your beloved collectible Limoges boxes to your home décor is an attractive and stylish way to liven up the look of each room. After all, the décor of every home is a reflection of the personality and tastes of its residents. Your home is where you surround yourself not only with furnishings that are to your taste and match your style, but objects that inspire you and bring visual interest. Displaying the Limoges boxes you have lovingly collected allows you and all visitors to your home to enjoy these exquisite art pieces in various settings.

There are many ways your beautiful Limoges boxes can be displayed around your home. Each of these precious collectibles can certainly play a role in decorating different rooms in your home and add color and livelihood to any decor.

The following tips can provide ideas on how to best display your cherished Limoges boxes and other collectibles for the most attractive results.

Pick Prominent Places Around Your Home To Showcase Your Limoges boxes

You can showcase your favorite Limoges boxes by displaying them in a variety of spaces around your home to catch the eye. The fireplace mantel, book shelves, piano top, side tables, centerpieces, credenzas and coffee tables, are just a few spaces where you can showcase your collected pieces. Of course, as Limoges boxes are costly items, you would want to make sure that the spaces you select are safe so that these precious objects may not be accidentally knocked over and get damaged.

Decorate a coffee table with Limoges Boxes |

A Paris-themed arrangement on a coffee table will add glamour to your living-room. You can group a couple of Eiffel Tower objects in different sizes for a wonderful Parisian look.

Protect Valuable Collectibles

Certain antiques and collectibles, especially those that are valuable and small in size would be better displayed behind glass doors. Glassed-in shelves and curio cabinets not only showcase your treasured items and highlight their beauty, but also protect your precious items and keep daily dust out.

The cabinets themselves can offer excellent decorative value to your home décor. A perfect way to showcase your beautiful Limoges boxes and other small collectibles is in a distinctive Italian gold curio cabinet . These spectacular curio cabinets come in a variety of wall-mount and table-top sizes – perfect for attractively displaying your treasured items.

Decorate your home with Italian Gold Curio Cabinets |

Hand-crafted gold Italian curio cabinets are just perfect for showcasing a Limoges collection of any size. You can display these beautiful cabinets that are imported from Italy over a side table, on the floor or use wall-mount sizes to showcase your treasured Limoges boxes and enhance the decor of your room.

Group similar objects together

Grouping several Limoges boxes or a combination of objects in a similar theme can create a very pleasing visual effect. Objects and collectibles you love can be incorporated to embellish the décor of every room in your home. You can make a grouping of Limoges boxes or include one or more with other objects in the same theme to make a very attractive display and create a conversation piece. Your favorite Limoges boxes can be showcased amid objects that make them stand out. Any theme of your interest such as travel, music, gardening and fashion, just to name a few, can offer opportunities to show off the special pieces that you have lovingly collected.

Grouping of Owl Limoges Boxes |

Grouping a few of your same-themed pieces from your collection, such as these 3 Owls Limoges boxes, over a mantel or a table makes an impressive display.

Match colors

You can display one or a grouping of your Limoges boxes to match the colors in your room. Collectibles in similar colors or two contrasting colors can add great effect to your décor and create eye-catching visual effects. For added interest, you can vary the heights in a grouping, mixing large and small pieces as well as using pedestals or stands to elevate some of the objects. Creating depth is another visual effect that can be achieved by arranging objects further back and forward, as in a triangle, rather an in a straight line.

Use Limoges boxes in your home decorating |

Sparse, Not Cluttered

No matter how beautiful your Limoges boxes and other collectibles, if there are too many of them placed together in a small display area, their beauty can be veiled. The spacing between objects that are showcased plays an important role is highlighting the beauty of each object. Rather than displaying your entire collection in one place, you can divide them up into groupings. For added visual interest, choose objects that you think would look best together. Do not be afraid of mixing various sizes and colors.

Decorate your home with Limoges Boxes |

Change things around

You don’t necessarily have to add new objects every time to change the décor of your home. Our eyes tend to get used to how objects are arranged in our homes. Familiarity can veil the beauty of decorative objects that we have arranged in our living spaces. Just moving certain pieces from one place to another can completely give your rooms a new and fresh look and help you appreciate their beauty in a new way.

Rotating your collectibles and changing the styles from one to another, offers an opportunity to enjoy your collections while sprucing up your home’s décor and keeping things fresh and interesting.

Add seasonal objects

If you are collecting Limoges boxes, no doubt your collection includes seasonal items. The change of seasons is a great opportunity to freshen up the look of your home. With each season and, of course, special holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, you will have a great opportunity to incorporate your beautiful Limoges boxes into your seasonal décor for a stunning and beautiful look.

Decorate your home with Spring and Easter Limoges Boxes |

Decorate your home with Fall and Thanksgiving Limoges boxes |

Collecting beautiful objects is a work in progress. Although it is thought that if you own three items, you are considered a collector, for most collectors there is no upper limit. For true collectors, the joy of collecting is in the thrill of the hunt. There is always a real sense of excitement at finding a new and unusual addition to embellish your collection.

Knowing you are going to change things around occasionally is the perfect excuse to keep the hunt for your next great find. Even if you have been collecting for decades and don’t really “need” anything new, you will still be thrilled with the exceptional collection of fine French Limoges boxes at We continually add new and exclusive pieces so that you can always find many Limoges boxes that you will just not be able to resist!

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Remember, your collections reflect your personality, taste and personal style. So, go ahead – display your favorite pieces in a new way to enjoy them even more!

Do you use Limoges boxes in your home decor? We would love to hear your ideas and suggestions.

Evelyn M. November 29, 2017 at 7:36 AM
Thank you for this post. I love and enjoy my Limoges boxes very much. However, all of mine are displayed together in one curio cabinet. Your post has inspired me to display my beautiful Limoges boxes by including them into my home decor - especially the seasonal pieces.