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Vintage Limoges Boxes Make the Perfect Hostess Gift

Vintage Limoges Boxes Make the Perfect Hostess Gift
By Vida Cunningham February 22, 2018 No comments

Give your hostess a gift with a twist. The next time that you attend a dinner party or spend the week at a friend’s beach house, show your gratitude with a one-of-a-kind gift: vintage Limoges boxes.

Whichever antique Limoges you choose, we know that your hostess will be more than grateful. (plus, this gift might even snag you another invitation). Read on to learn about giving hostess gifts along with which vintage Limoges boxes make the perfect thank you gifts.

Etiquette of Giving a Hostess Gift

Giving a hostess gift is a gracious gesture to show your appreciation for her hospitality. The most appropriate time to offer your hostess gift is as soon as you're greeted by the hostess. Saying something like “Thank you so much for inviting me, I brought you a little something”, is a quick and private way to give your hostess gift.

Limoges Boxes for Hostess Gift

If the right moment doesn’t present itself when you first arrive, look for an appropriate moment during the evening or during your stay (for those going on vacation) when you can personally offer your gift to your hostess.

Alternatively, you can always present your gift during your goodbyes. Similar to the initial greeting, goodbyes are another discrete and appropriate way to say thanks with a gift.

Finding Vintage Limoges Boxes Your Hostess Will Love

Typically, hostess gifts usually take the form of food, wine, and flowers. While all those can be great options, they usually require the hostess to stop what they are doing to attend to that gift in the moment, which takes up some of their valuable time and may defeat the purpose of your gift.

Giving an antique Limoges will allow you to still give food, wine, and flowers (or whatever else you choose) in a more unique way. With our collection of over 2,200 Limoges boxes, we’ve highlighted some great choices for you to browse.

Food & Beverage Boxes

Some of the sweetest vintage Limoges boxes you can give are from our food & beverage collection. Featuring heart-shaped box of chocolates wrapped in 24K gold ribbon to tea services to BBQ settings, all of our boxes are breathtaking. Featuring bright colors, intricate detailing, and accent removable porcelain pieces, your hostess will be sure to enjoy any of these boxes.

Heart Chocolate Limoges box |

Flowers & Gardening Boxes

Give your hostess flowers that she can enjoy time and time again. Perfect as a gift for any occasion, our flowers & gardening vintage Limoges boxes collection features a variety of beautiful bouquets of flowers. From tulips to roses and everything in between, all of these boxes feature fine detailing in the painting and antique brass metalwork. The small details seen throughout are one of our favorite aspects of this collection, and any one of these will be sure to impress your hostess.

Bouquet of Tulips Limoges box |

Travel & Leisure Boxes

Traveling with your girlfriends? There’s no better way to say thank you than with a Limoges box from our fun and inspirational travel & leisure Limoges box collection. Are you looking for a beach scene? How about luggage or an airplane? We have that and much more! Whichever box you choose, each one is exquisite, and artfully and colorfully hand-painted.

Beach Sea Shell Limoges box |

Wine & Spirits Boxes

Cheers! Whether you’re getting together to celebrate a holiday or special occasion, our vintage Limoges boxes from the wine & spirits collection will say it all. Featuring a variety of different wine boxes to margarita cocktails to an Irish pub with removable porcelain beer bottles, the variety seen in this collection is truly endless. Plus, all of our antique Limoges have impeccable details that will leave your hostess smiling.

Champagne Bottle Limoges Box |

Rare & Retired Boxes

If you’re looking or a unique hostess gift, browse our rare and retired vintage Limoges collection. It’s here where you’ll find fun boxes (Peanuts’ Sally), unique ones (24K gold pocket watch), specialty Limoges (angels and purses to name just two), and classic boxes (jewelry chests). With limited editions from some of the top Limoges box artists, giving your hostess a rare or retired box will make her feel extra special.

Gold Jar Limoges Box |

Why Choose a Limoges Box

Every Limoges box offered at Limoges Collector is a true work of miniature art. Crafted from fine French porcelain and delicately hand-painted and hand-fitted by top artists in Limoges, France, these boxes are unique masterpieces that will make any hostess smile. Plus, many of our vintage Limoges boxes include generous 24K gold embellishments, beautiful artwork inside, and tiny porcelain charms that create an additional surprise.

Another reason to choose Limoges boxes is due to the personal nature of this gift. Not only can you find a box that perfectly matches our hostess’ interests, home furnishings, and style, but on all of our vintage Limoges boxes we offer a personalization service. Being one of our most popular add-ons, adding a heartfelt sentiment, short message, a name or date, will make any Limoges box extra memorable. This service is very easy and is performed the same day (with no delay in shipping) with one of our in-house artists who hand-inscribes your message. All you have to do is simply click the button on the right-hand side of the Limoges box product page.

The Importance of a Hostess Gift

The gift that you bring to a party or weekend getaway is usually a very special item - a special gift that you may give as a birthday or holiday present. Our vintage Limoges boxes do make great gifts no matter what the occasion may be. The reasoning behind the importance of giving a hostess gift is due to the fact that hosting takes a lot of planning and work (before, during, and after the event/occasion). Giving a well-thought out, unique gift is a small token of your thanks. And while this might seem old-fashioned in nature, this sentiment will go a long way, especially if your memento is something special.

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Whether you choose one of the antique Limoges that we mentioned above or choose one that’s a bit more personal, we know that this gift will be one that your hostess will treasure for years.