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Helpful Tips About Limoges Boxes


Limoges boxes are quite fragile and if not opened properly, the porcelain or the hinge can be damaged.  Most Limoges boxes have a painting or a surprise accessory piece inside.  So, it is natural that we would want to open the box and show off these magnificent miniature art pieces.


How To Safely Open And Close A Limoges Box


There is an easy and safe method to opening and closing a Limoges box.


1.  Hold the Limoges box with the clasp facing you.

2.  Place both thumbnails between the top and bottom rims on both sides of the clasp and press gently until the box clicks open. 

3.  Then with one hand hold the top and with the other the bottom section and gently open the box.  Remember to open the box only as far as it easily opens.  Forcing the box to open wider can break the hinge.

4.  The metal clasp is a decorative piece and is not there for opening the box.  If the hinge is tight, you should not force the box to open, but gently follow the top instruction until the Limoges opens.  You should not use a knife or similar objects to pry open the box as this will damage the metal or crack the porcelain. 

5.  Once you open the Limoges box, you should close it gently as well.  If the Limoges is slammed shut, the pressure may crack the porcelain.

How To Safely Open Limoges Boxes |

As a collector, you display your beautiful Limoges boxes proudly and want to show them to friends of relatives.  When showing your little treasures to others, it is always best to open the box yourself.