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King Tut Golden Egyptian Bust Book with Scroll Limoges Box (Retired)

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Regular Price: $360.00

Special Price $279.00

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Egypt's Most Famous Pharaoh! 
  If you admire the ancient wonders of Egypt, you will love this Limoges box representing an open book with the bust of TUTANKHAMUN (King Tut), the young Egyptian pharaoh of the 18th dynasty, the New Kingdom.  On one side of the open book is a glittering Bust of Tutankhamun, hand-painted in blue with generous use of 24K Gold.  On the right side , the script "Everywhere the glint of gold - Howard Carter, November 26, 1922." Howard Carter is the archeologist who discovered King Tut's tomb.  Inside the Limoges box is the writing "TUTANKHAMUN - AND THE GOLDEN AGE OF THE PHARAOHS" as well a removable porcelain scroll with Egyptian hyrogliphics.  Artfully hand-painted with great detailing, the Limoges box is crafted of fine French porcelain by artisans in Limoges, France.  Hand-fitted metalwork and a clasp in the shape of a feather adorn the collectible Limoges box.  Fully marked at the base with the hallmark of the artist.  The Limited Edition Limoges box comes in its handsome satin-lined presentation box in the shape of a pyramid.
   3" W, 2" D, 1.5" H

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